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Introducing The Cool Pools CC Kit for The Sims 4

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Did someone say round pools?

Mr Olkan is a well known within The Sims community as a talented builder in The Sims 4 and over the years has created a number of beautiful and outstanding creations. Now, they have just released their Cool Pools Custom Content Kit!

Introducing The Cool Pools CC Kit for The Sims 4

The Cool Pools Custom Content Kit is designed to help you create the pools of your dreams! With five new custom designed pools and five new water colours. There are also two new decorative items that come in the form of some pool steps and a floor level to gives a varied depth to the pools. Did we mention that the pools come with twenty-seven swatches to chose from, three of which come with a new water animation too?

Introducing The Cool Pools CC Kit for The Sims 4

You will find all the new pool options under the Outdoor Water Decor section of Build Mode. The majority of the Cool Pools Kit is Base Game compatible, however, you will need The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion for three of the custom pool shapes.

Item Overview

Pool Shapes

Introducing The Cool Pools CC Kit for The Sims 4

Water Colours

With a number of ways to create some exciting outdoor pool spaces for your Sims, the Cool Pools Kit has plenty to offer to give your Sims the pools they could only dream of!

You can see the Cool Pools Custom Content Kit in action below!

Note: When downloading the Cool Pools Custom Content Kit, you will also have a folder that contains Tray files. Here you will find the five different pool models that have been saved as Rooms, so you can easily drop them straight into your game too!

Why not take your Cool Pools to the next level by also integrating Mr Olkan’s Better Pools Custom Content Pack too! The Better Pools collection comes with a variety of Build and Buy objects, including, wall and floor patterns, loungers, plants, pool details and more! Definitely the perfect combination!

So why not build the pools spaces you’ve always wanted to build with Mr Olkan’s Cool Pools and Better Pools Custom Content Kits!

The Cool Pools Custom Content Kit is available to download now from Mr Olkan’s Patreon right now and will be available publicly on 9th of June!

Be sure to follow Mr Olkan on Twitter and YouTube for all their latest and upcoming creations!

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