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Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

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Break the mold of the same old Windows and Doors!

Did you ever find the perfect window for your build and realize it doesn’t come with a matching door in a matching swatch? Or when they are in the same swatch but at different sizes? Or when you wished you had a door that looks exactly like a certain window?

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

Well, you don’t have to suffer from mismatched materials – you can turn your windows into doors!

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

You can simply do this by overlaying windows on archways. Your Sims should pass through without any problems.

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

But what if the window you want has a complicated shape? Buckle up since this tutorial will require basic T.O.O.L. mod knowledge. And don’t forget to enable ‘bb.moveobjects’!

Step 1. Choose any window. You can size it up or down to your liking with the bracket keys ‘[’ and ‘]’ respectively. You will notice that there’s a cutout on the wall in the window’s original size. Also in the interior, there’s a weird shadow that surrounds the cutout. We’ll fix those later.

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Step 2. Build a basement or a lower floor. Move your window to a wall that is directly below the original wall upstairs. You should place the window higher up on that wall (you can use Ctrl+9 to elevate it more) so that the window can be seen on the upper floor.

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

Now you’ll see inside that the cutout and shadow are gone. Also if you sized up windows, they could block your Sims’ path – moving the window to the basement doesn’t make it an obstruction anymore.

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Once the window is placed appropriately, you can delete the room below by dragging the walls with arrows. Don’t just select the room and delete it or else the window will be deleted too!

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

Step 3. Size down doors to make a hole in the window space. For this intricate window, I mainly used these tall arches from Base game.

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For the curved section of the window, I raised the pet doors from Cats and Dogs and sized them down.


You have to use the T.O.O.L. mod to completely size down these doors and make them disappear. Shift+Click on all these doors. 

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

Select ‘Scale’ and set it to 0.01 (or lower). Now the window-door has a perfect cutout for your Sims to pass through!

Creating Custom Windows and Doors in The Sims 4

Ok, that’s a lot of work for a door so how can you use this in your builds?

You can combine these window-doors with arches as seen in this Victorian structure. It looks so much more coherent and regal with those window-doors along with normal windows!


You can also use this trick on windows alone. The Is It Snowing? Slider Window from Snowy Escape just came in one size but in this build, it’s used in a slightly bigger size and as a sliding door in a perfectly matching swatch!


Depending on your mastery of building in the Sims and building with the TOOL mod, you can make so many more window-door designs and custom windows. Tell us how you’re going to use this in your next build!

– This article was written by MAIA Makes!

You can check out her YouTube Short below:

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I'm Maia and I'm a Filipino student who makes builds and build tips in The Sims 4! I create a variety of design and architectural styles from my interests like Studio Ghibli and builds from my country.

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