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Another day, another round of Game Pack hints!

Yesterday The Sims Team has started their rounds with cryptic tweets.

The SimGurus have found a way to hide secret messages within their shredded notes that they’ve posted. With symbols that can be translated into English, revealing new information.

Yesterday we have information such as:

  • There were Mooncasters here
  • Where did all the frogs come from“?
  • I survived the century conflict.”
  • Take a dip in lake Lunvik

You can find the full list of shredded notes in our first round of Game Pack teasers!

Today, the tradition of shredded notes continues. SimGuruFrost posted a new note:

The note was successfully translated by @tsukki_guchi, with a new clue:

Forgive me my dear Avelina…

Our reader was also able to crack the code with a photo as proof of the translation:

SimGuruPopcorn tagged along with the cryptic messages, posting this:

The translation has been done first by the user @leowyld, and it says “Will you be my fated mate?”

SimGuruPopcorn later tweeted:

Listen, I’m flattered but people keep asking me to be their fated mate and I’m just not ready for a relationship right now.

Our reader spotted that Fated Mate is a real life book by author Jessica Aspen. And yup, it’s about Werewolf Romance:

SimGuruMorgan then hopped on with the Hints, quickly deciphered by Vane Sims:

Beware of Greg

SimGuru Kuxiku was next with the next clue that says: “Recipe for grilled luna fish“!

The last one seams very obvious! “Howl you doing”! Everyone loves a sneaky Friends reference.

SimGuru Beth chimed in with this gem that translates to: “Ten parts wolfsbane to three parts moonpetal”…

And then we found out about a well known feude:

GrimSuruDoi, the developer for The Sims 4 also posted a cryptic hint. There is a funny Werewolf hint included in the letter that @tasto777 was able to uncover. Also, all the first letters of Doi’s first letters spell out “Wolf”:

Unsure of exact whereabouts,

Dizziness is worsening,

Quickly now before I transform

Let it be known that Vampires suck, they are just the worst.

We will be updating this post with new information and content as they surface, as well as deciphered hints by the community. Stay tuned!

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