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The Sims 4: Fixing The Dark Windows Glitch on Curved Walls


Round Walls are here. And so are the first version glitches!

Round walls are officially in the Sims 4!

The latest base game patch just gave us three sizes of curved walls that work similarly to the round floor pieces that we already have in-game. Most windows and doors that we already have will fit flawlessly to these curves, especially one-tiled build items.

There’s just one (not so) teeny tiny problem…this:

Slide1 2

With the move objects cheat on, some two-tiled and three-tiled windows dim out when placed on a tight curve. It’s because most of the window is technically indoors. If you add lights inside, the same lighting will apply to the window outside. And we hate when objects have the wrong lighting.

The Sims 4: Fixing The Dark Windows Glitch on Curved Walls

Fret not, builders! With some patience and skill, we have three fixes to this annoying bug. Each fix depends on what building tools you’d want to use that are available in your game!

#1 Fix: Add lights outside

It’s simple and fast: just add a light right outside the dark window. You can grab the small saucer ceiling light from Base game and size it down with the ’[’ key. Or you can integrate outdoor lights into the exterior design of your build.


But out of all these fixes, this is the least recommended one because the lighting gets weird and uneven throughout the day. Also, it’s still kinda obvious your windows are not lit outdoors.

Slide3 2
Fixed windows during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night

#2 Fix: Double up your windows

After putting a window on a curved wall, add another one of the same kind right on top of it. Now delete the curved wall and any nearby walls by clicking on it and selecting ‘Remove Wall’.


With the Alt key, grab one of the windows and drag it slightly away from the outline of the room. When you add back the curved wall, make sure this window will have outdoor lighting.

Slide5 1

If you’re wondering why can’t you just have one window, it’s because this will happen. Once you drag away the window and put back the wall, there would be no cutout on the wall. You need one window on the wall to make a cutout and one outside to have outdoor lighting.

Using two windows vs using only one window

This fix may be the most tedious (and expensive) fix but it works better than the first!

#3 Fix: Use the TOOL mod

If you don’t want bad lighting and doubled windows, the TOOL mod is the best way to go if you have it. Toggle the dark window with TOOL until it turns into a translucent green. While holding Alt, click somewhere outside not too far from the room. This will slowly drag your window away from the room until it is properly lit. Click on the window again to release the toggle.

Slide7 1

This is how it would turn out!

The Sims 4: Fixing The Dark Windows Glitch on Curved Walls

Three fixes, one goal: we just want our windows to be normal.

Let us know if this worked for you!

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