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Create your own Round Beds in The Sims 4!

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You’re not dreaming – you can make round beds in the Sims 4 without mods or CC!

With the new round walls update, it’s quite tricky to fit in a normal rectangular bed on curved corners. So to maximize the space, what better way than to cozy it up with a round bed?

There are a lot of round custom content beds available online, but not all players can download them. With this trick, you can still share your builds to the gallery without being tagged as CC.

Just make sure your bb.moveobjects cheat is on!

First, create a room below and add a light. Choose any circular living chair without a backrest. You can pick the chairs from Island Living or Snowy Escape, but it’s best to use this one from Cats and Dogs. It has an even surface and its tufted texture is perfectly cushiony!

Place it in the room below and size it up with the ‘]’ key 4 times. Elevate it with Ctrl+9 around 14 times. You will see that the cushion on top is visible on the desired floor.

Slide1 3

Now comes the tricky part: choosing the right bed. First, it should have no footboard so that no weird piece would jut out in the middle of the round bed.

Slide2 2

Second, the bed color should match the swatch of the round cushion. We want the bed to camouflage with it as much as possible. Oh if we only had a Create a Style feature…

For now, the black and white swatches of both objects should blend seamlessly. Check out these combos from different packs:

If you want something colorful, here are some bed-cushion combinations that work well together!

This round bed should already do. Keep reading if you want a neater-looking version!

Now Alt place the bed in the middle and size it down one time with the ‘[’ key. Make sure that a little part of it sticks out so you can still click on it in Live mode.

3 2

If the headboard is still sticking out, just cover it with any living chair or a sofa to act as a pillow (trust me, the bed’s still functional!). Note: If a sofa blocks your Sim’s way, you can place it on the lower floor and raise it up too.

Ta-da! A fully functional round bed with so many styles to choose from.

Add more seats

We’re not done yet! You could improve your bed’s functionality by adding more seating at the foot of the bed. Use a living or dining chair, size it down if necessary, and hide it under the round cushion. Remember to leave a small part sticking out so you can select it during gameplay.

4 1

Here’s how a fully functional round bed with extra seating looks like:


Some problems

A few notes: both versions are functional but the first one is recommended for better gameplay. The second version only looks great when your Sims relax or nap on it. When they sleep on it, there’s a weird animation with the blanket since the bed is sized down. Woohoo still works, but this happens:


We don’t wanna see what happens under those covers…so this would be better as a day bed!

You can also watch this video tutorial!

Will you use this bed in your builds? Let us know in the comments!

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I'm Maia and I'm a Filipino student who makes builds and build tips in The Sims 4! I create a variety of design and architectural styles from my interests like Studio Ghibli and builds from my country.

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