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Guide to the Gameplay Multiverse of The Sims 4 High School’s ThriftTea


ThriftTea is not just a Venue. It’s a Lifestyle.

Need a place to find some unique clothes for your teen not found in CAS? Want some clothes to sell on Trendi? Or do you need a place to hang out for a poetry night or fashion show?

ThrifTea is the newest hangout spot for teens in The Sims 4 with High School Years! It’s a multiuse lot including the bubble tea shop and the thrift store. Here’s all you need to know about your teen’s new favorite place to go after school!

Overview of Store

The thrift and bubble tea store’s main three sections are the shopping area with the clothing racks, the bubble tea and food ordering area, and the sitting area. There are also two changing rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Hint: When building your own thrift store, the lot type requires 4 retail racks, 1 retail counter, 2 dining tables, 4 dining chairs, 1 coffee table, 1 sofa, 1 bubble tea counter, 1 microphone, 1 wall speaker, 1 waste disposal, 1 toilet, and 1 sink.

Thrift Store Owner

The owner of the ThrifTea is named Eloise Hiddlestix. You will find her hanging around the store. She is helpful when researching fashion trends. You can “Talk about Fashion Looks” and “Talk about Fashion Trends” with Eloise. “Talking about Fashion Looks,” tells you more about creating looks and “Talk about Fashion Trends” will give you inside information on the current fashion trends.

Buying Thrifted Clothes and Accessories

At ThrifTea, you can create Fashion Looks. The clothing you can choose from rotates every day. There are clothing from the regular CAS selection, rare and exclusive clothing, and a DPOP collection. Five sellers designed the DPOP collection: @internetgirl@happyxloco@selenasshop@judaku, and @furrylittlepeach.

After creating a look, your sim receives a bag in their inventory and they can wear it or sell it on Trendi.

Wondering how the game calculates the cost of each outfit? The cost of an outfit can be calculated this way: Base Cost + Rarity + Style

Example: Base Cost (§5) + Rare (§20) + Hipster (§20) = Total Cost of §45
Note: A few items are tagged with more than one style. If that is the case, they seem to use the larger amount.

Base Cost: §5

Common: §10
Rare: §20
Very Rare: §40
Exclusive: §70
Exclusive DPOP: §90

Street: §10
General Contemporary Basic: §10
Bohemian: §20
Country: §20
Hipster: §20
General Outdoor Explorer: §20
General Preppy: §30
Goth Rock Punk: §30
General Polished: §50

Local Hang Out Spot

Comedy Night

Your Sims can hang out at ThrifTea on different nights of the week. Here is the schedule:

Fashion Show (Fridays and Mondays): “Are you ready to Show Off your sublime style? Gain the applause of other fashionistas at the ThrifTea Fashion Show!”
Comedy Night (Wednesdays): “The ThrifTea Amateur Comedy Night has begun! Grab the mic and amuse yourself (and bystanders) with your fledgling repartee!”
Poetry Night (Sundays): “Grab your chin (and the mic) and get all poetical to the quiet applause of an adoring crowd. The ThrifTea Poetry Evening begins!”

Bubble Tea Shop

The Bubble Tea Shop has both food and drinks for sale.

Drinks available include Lychee Milk Bubble Tea ($6), Mango Milk Bubble Tea ($6), Taro Milk Bubble Tea ($7), Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea with Cheese Foam ($8), and Strawberry Matcha Latte Bubble Tea ($9).

Food available includes Veggie Slider ($10), Fried Chicken Slider ($10), Hamburger Slider ($10), and Corndog ($8).

ThrifTea is the perfect place for a teen Sim to hang out. There are so many different events and activities for them to participate in. They can have club meetings at ThrfTea or just hang out after school and do homework. Thrift Store and Bubble Tea Store might have seemed like a weird combination at first, but it is a useful and fun addition to the game!

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