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Attending Graduation in The Sims 4 High School Years


Everything you need to know about graduation in The Sims 4 High School Years!

In The Sims 4 High School Years, Sims can attend a graduation ceremony when they finish high school.

All high school students can graduate no matter what lifespan you play on. A Sim graduates high school upon aging up to a young adult. When they age up, you’ll be notified that your Sim has graduated and whether they graduated normally, with honours, or as valedictorian. Sims will need to maintain high grades to graduate with honours and have a good chance at being selected valedictorian.

The graduation ceremony takes place the following Sunday. It runs from 6pm to 11:30pm at the high school auditorium. When you arrive, all the teens you went to high school with will be young adults now. Use the High School Graduation social category to see all the graduation related options. The other graduates were in graduation robes but our Sim would not change into them even when we tried to force her.

After socializing, the valedictorian will make their speech. If that is you, your Sim will go up to deliver the speech. Hopefully you practiced in a mirror beforehand. If not, you might flub the speech. Immediately after the speech, the principal will hand out diplomas. Go up to receive your diploma.

Afterwards, you’ll have a grad portrait in your inventory. Check the mail when you get home, then go into the household inventory to find your diploma. Our Sim was in her everyday outfit in her portrait which was disappointing.

If you want a good portrait, we recommend making a grad outfit beforehand and using the photo backdrop at the grad event to take a nice photo of your own.

Congratulations on your graduation!

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