The Sims 4 Custom Content

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Laces and Spikes Collection


Are your Sims ready to rock?

Inspired by the K-Rock Band, Rolling Quartz, Trillyke is back with their biggest custom content collection to date!

The Laces and Spikes Collection comes with over twenty new Create a Sim options including a variety of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories with many coming in twenty-five different colour options. This custom content collection really gives you the opportunity and freedom to mix and match to create a number of unique looks. Better still, the whole collection is Base Game Compatible!

Take a closer look at the Laces and Spikes Collection in the gallery below!

To download the Laces and Spikes Collection by Trillyke, head over to their Patreon!

Don’t wait, it’s time for your Sims to live their punk rock dreams with amazing outfits using Trillyke’s latest collection!

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