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Happy Birthday to The Sims 2! Celebrating 18 Years!


Habbo Borfnah, YibSim!

Happy Birthday to The Sims 2! Celebrating 18 Years!

It might have been easy for The Sims 2’s birthday to go unnoticed amidst all the buzz surrounding a new free kit and The Sims 4 becoming a free to play title in October of 2022. That’s why we thought it would be appropriate to remind our readers of this very important day in The Sims’ history.

The Sims 2 is officially 18 years old today, which is important because 18 years ago, The Sims franchise changed forever. The Sims 2 revolutionized our favourite game series, introducing incredible 3D graphics that still hold up quite well to this day, more in-depth social and romance features, and for the first time in the franchise’s history, our Sims aged! The complete cycle from birth to death was a game changer and birthed the most popular fan-made challenge of all time; The Legacy Challenge! Thank you, Pinstar!

The base game alone was full of charm and attention to detail that many players could rightfully argue is lacking in more recent Sims titles, but the expansions and stuff packs added so much delightful content to keep us entertained for a long five years before The Sims 3 came onto the scene. However, The Sims 2 was such an unforgettable experience that a large number of players continue to play The Sims 2 even now. It’s truly a game that never becomes old and never loses its innate charm. It’s no wonder why even almost two decades later, it’s still widely considered to be the golden age of The Sims.

Happy Birthday to The Sims 2! Celebrating 18 Years!

So happy birthday, The Sims 2! You have been dearly loved by this fanbase for 18 years and will surely continue to be loved for many more years to come!

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