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Behind The Sims Summit: Full Summary

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We summarized the entire Behind The Sims Summit for you! Catch up on all the latest news right here!

The long-anticipated Behind The Sims Summit event was shorter than expected but packed full of exciting news about everything coming to The Sims 4, The Sims Freeplay, and The Sims Mobile! We know not everyone can tune into the streams live so in usual fashion, we were taking notes during the stream for you! We’ve compiled the full Behind The Sims Summit livestream into a written summary so you can catch up on all the latest Sims news in one place!

Are you ready? There is a LOT of exciting stuff on the way!

Behind The Sims Summit: The Sims 4

  • Starting today, The Sims 4 base game is FREE to play for everyone on all platforms!
  • The Sims 4 has years of content scheduled. There will be monthly SDX drops, more free base game updates, and more packs and kits coming to the game. The Sims 4 is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • New worlds and builds are coming to the game! We were shown early concept art for a new world and some new build/buy objects during the Behind The Sims Summit, which you can see below:
  • There will be a new platform for trusted mods and custom content coming soon! Creators involved in the new platform are part of a group called the Mod Squad. More information about this new platform will come out over the holiday season.
  • Babies are finally getting an overhaul! They will be freed from their bassinet prisons! We were shown a clip of an infant crawling across the floor and their caretaker bending down to pick them up!
  • Free celebration rewards have recently been added to all current Sims titles. These rewards came with the recent base game update and included the new plumbob ceiling fan.

The Sims Mobile

Sims Mobile - "Balconies" Update Feature
Sims Mobile – “Balconies” Update Feature
  • Highly requested balconies are coming to The Sims Mobile as a new Build/Buy feature! This update will come over the holiday season.

The Sims Freeplay

  • The Behind The Sims Summit revealed that The Sims Freeplay is getting a much-needed graphics improvement! Sims faces are less uncanny valley and more human. Thank goodness! This graphics overhaul is available for all players to download right now!
Sims Livestream Summary: Graphics Improvements for The Sims Freeplay
Behind The Sims Summit Stream Event 22 1 screenshot 1
  • All hairstyles are now available across all genders.
  • More skin tones are coming to the game.
  • A new luxury yacht location is coming to the game.
  • A new seasonal quest is coming in December.

Behind The Sims Summit: Project Rene

  • The long-rumoured “next generation Sims game” is unveiled. It’s called Project Rene and is planned to be under development for the next several years.
  • Not a whole lot of info was given about Project Rene but we did see very early previews. Including a colour wheel feature, customizable bed sizes, moving groups of objects simultaneously, and couch cushions that can be placed freely where the payer desires.

  • SimGuruLindsay also hinted that Project Rene may allow players to play The Sims across multiple devices and play with their friends. The Behind The Sims Summit did not give other details about what these features may entail.
  • There will be more information about Project Rene and more sneak peeks to come in the future so stay tuned!
  • Early access to Project Rene’s features for select players.

Looking for news on Project Rene? Look no further!

We hope this Behind The Sims Summit livestream summary has got you excited for what’s to come with The Sims 4, The Sims Freeplay, and The Sims Mobile! Stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest Sims news as it happens!

If you missed the livestream and want to check it out yourself, we’ve got the full recap for you!


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