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The Sims 4 Delicato Lounge CC Pack is Available Now!


Cute, Cosy & Beautiful! This Custom Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 upgrades your living room spaces. Check out everything included and our favourite objects!

Littledica and Deligracy are back with a fantastic new Sims 4 custom content collaboration! Get ready to surround yourself with the soft cosy vibes of the new Delicato Lounge CC Pack!

This is not the first time that both LittleDica and Deligracy have come together to create some amazing content. Previously we saw them collaborate with the Delicious Kitchen Collection!

The Sims 4 Delicato Lounge CC Pack comes with thirty-seven new objects that reflect both LittleDica and Deligracy’s own styles and personalities, including:

  • Sectional sofas (Base Game compatible too!)
  • Coffee Tables
  • Plants
  • Paintings
  • and more!

Want to know more? Here is an introduction and overview to the custom content collection from LittleDica and Deligracy:

A Delicate Balance Of Shapes;

Welcome to my 10th stuff pack, Delicato Lounge, in collaboration with Deligracy! Yep, Littledica x Deligracy is back! This collection features a wide range of furniture pieces for the living room, in a color palette that’s very pastel, but also very colorful. The items have a very organic yet modern look, some of them are even recreations of in-real-life designs from deli’s new home!

Versatile, classic, Yet Unique And New;

The items in this pack were designed to be versatile and seamlessly blend in with other assets from the game, and from myself! While adaptable, every piece still stands out and has a unique design that feels fresh and brand new. The color palette features soft pastels, as well as rich colors to mix and match, or to completely embrace either or.

Base Game Compatible Specials;

This pack includes a base game compatible set of Sectional Sofas and also Sectional Chaise Loungers! The design of these seats is inspired by deli’s in-real-life couch, which has a timeless modern design in a ton of different colors. Thank you Ravasheen for the help on those!

Inspiring Art Pieces;

The pack features 4 new art pieces, in different swatches, made by Luddy Simmer. The color stories on these art pieces are matching with the furniture pieces of the pack, but also stand out and seamlessly blend, rather than blatantly match!

LittleDica and Deligracy

From the previews alone, this collaboration is one custom content users should check out!

Take a look at the full list of features and objects that come with the Delicato Lounge CC Pack below. You can also take a look at some of the screenshots showcasing the new objects!

littledica SP10 Render

About the CC Pack

  • 37 items!
  • Build: 1 Wall. 1 Window
  • Comfort: 4 Seating options including Base Game Compatible Sectional Seating, Armchair and Ottoman.
  • Decorative: 1 Mirror, 4 Paintings, 4 Plants, 1 Rug, 1 Book, 2 Planters, 1 Ornament, 1 Fruit Bowl
  • Lighting: 1 Ceiling, 2 Wall, 3, Standing, 2 Lamps
  • Storage: 1 Shelving Unit
  • Surface: 2 Coffee Tables, 1 End Table, 1 TV Shelf
  • Requires: The Sims 4 Base Game

You can find all of the items in game by searching for Delicato in the search bar! Alternatively, you can use the search terms LittleDica or Deligracy to find the objects from the collection!

Delicato Lounge Screenshots

10 03 22 9 45 41 PM

In Game Overview

Let’s take a closer look at the items in game!

10 27 22 7 58 08 PM
10 27 22 7 58 50 PM
10 27 22 7 58 25 PM

Placing the new objects outside by side truly gives you an idea of how much they reflect LittleDica and Deligracy’s own personalities and styles. You may notice that some of these objects are also inspired by ones found in Deligracy’s own home as well!

Our Favourite Delicato Lounge Objects

Of course, we couldn’t take a look at a new custom content pack without picking out a few favourites! It was incredibly hard to choose the objects that stood out the most to us, as everything about this collection is excellent! However, here are some of the objects we loved!

Delicato Lounge Paintings

There are a total of four paintings in this custom content collection, all of which are beautiful! Each painting comes with different frame swatches, while three come in a vast mixture of colour combinations too!

10 27 22 8 26 09 PM

Sectional Sofas

Did somebody say Base Game compatible Sectional Sofas? YES!

10 27 22 9 25 15 PM

This Coffee Table & Ottoman Combo!

A cute little coffee table with the added bonus of these adorable ottomans! With multiple swatches for both, there really are so many colour combinations to have between these two objects.

10 27 22 8 35 02 PM

Multiple Object Slots

Okay, this isn’t exactly an object but with multiple places to place decorative items, lights, smaller objects and clutter this is perfect!

10 27 22 9 16 34 PM

The Sims 4 Delicato Lounge Custom Content Set is the perfect addition to your collection. With gorgeous swatches to go alongside so many fantastic items, this collection is one not to sleep on!

So why not go ahead and download this collection and create the ultimate cosy lounge space for your Sims! You’ll find all the download information below.


You can download the Better Exceptions Sims 4 mod on Curseforge for FREE!

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