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The Sims 4 Domaine du Clos CC Showcase


This set of build and buy items will take you to the French countryside!

If you’ve gotten bored of what The Sims 4 has to offer in its packs and kits, maybe it’s time to download some custom content! And if you’re looking to get away to the French countryside (or looking for a taste of home in your game), this set of Sims 4 build/buy CC by Pierisim is exactly what you’re looking for! The Sims 4 Domaine du Clos CC set will transport your Sims directly to the French countryside.

Sims 4 CC: Domaine Du Clos

Image Credit: Pierisim

The Domaine Du Clos set comes in two parts: one dedicated to build mode and one dedicated to buy mode. The build set features stunning brick detailing, ivy-laced pergolas, wood-framed doors and windows in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging across all wall heights, and even ceiling designs! The buy set dedicates itself to charming and cozy interior furnishings, complete with clutter decorative items, and sweeping curtains for all wall heights with modular curtain rods.

Pierisim Preview
Image Credit: Pierisim

Each item comes in dozens of colours and patterns so you can customize your space to your liking. Simply changing the pattern or colour of the objects can give the area a completely new look and feel, so everything is very versatile.

While you can just download one set or the other, you’ll get the most out of this Sims 4 CC set if you download and install both parts. This will give you the ability to create matching indoor and outdoor spaces.

Build Overview

There is such a wide variety of windows and doors in this Sims 4 build CC set that are slight variations of each other to suit different wall heights. We’ll be showing off just a few of these items to give you an idea of the different styles available in this custom content set, but rest assured there are even more varieties of all of these objects not pictured.

Buy Overview

Some items in the buy mode portion of this set are variations of similar pieces to add more variety to the space and to suit different wall heights. We’ll be showing off just a few of these items to give you an idea of the different styles available in this buy mode set, but there are even more variations of some of these objects that are not pictured.

Building with the Domaine du Clos CC Set

To get the full scope of what is possible with this Sims 4 CC set, it’s not enough to just show off the items individually. They are to be used in builds, after all! So we spent some time building with the two sets ourselves. We wanted to create three spaces in three completely different styles using the Domaine du Clos CC set. Other packs used to accent the set and tie everything together.

We went for old fashioned French opulence for our living room. A quaint French country feel for our study, and a breezy Mediterranean style for our patio. The same items are used in multiple rooms. Changing the swatches turned the space into something completely new.

Everything included in The Sims 4 First Fits Kit

Our Review of the Domaine du Clos Sims 4 CC Set

In our opinion, the Domaine du Clos CC set for The Sims 4 is stunning. It’s a must-have collection for any avid builder. The wide variety of items available in so many different swatches allows for almost limitless creativity. We could have played around with different build styles for much longer than we did.

Our favourite aspect of this Sims 4 CC set is how customizable everything is. Windows have separate shutters. Every window comes in so many different shapes, styles, and heights. Curtains come in all wall heights and have modular curtain rods to fill in gaps for extra wide windows. The fireplace comes with a functional and decorative version; the decorative version can have stacks of books snapped into it. There are two pergola designs and separate ivy you can layer on top. You can choose whether you want an ivy-covered pergola or a plain one. All the architectural details add so much visual character to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Everything in this Sims 4 custom content collection is 100% Maxis Match which is always something we look for. If we didn’t know this set was Sims 4 CC, we would not be able to tell the difference.

You can download both parts of the Domaine du Clos Build/Buy CC set by Pierisim for free on their Patreon!

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