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Sims 4 Gnomes: Gnomeing the Lore


Most Simmers think Sims 4 gnomes are only relevant during Harvestfest. This Sims 4 Gnome Guide will fill you in on all the gnome gossip outside the holiday season!

Sims 4 Gnome Lore: Gnomes Chasing "Onward" The Adventurous Gnome

Most Simmers know about kicking or appeasing Gnomes during Harvestfest, but did you know about the Association of Gnomes are the Greatest, the Order of the Gnomes, or the Gnome High Council? There is a whole universe of Sims 4 gnome knowledge that can be learned about in this Sims 4 Gnome Guide!

Order of the Gnomes

  • According to Sims 4 Gnome lore, there is a sacred Order of the Gnomes. This organization does not “take too kindly” to gnome kicking. Sims are so scared of it that Sims will accuse other Sims of being part of the sacred Order of the Gnomes. Agatha Crumplebottom admits to knowing about the Order of the Gnomes and admits that it is real (although, you didn’t hear it from her!)

Association of Gnomes are The Greatest

  • Just as there is an Order of the Gnome, there’s an Association of Gnomes. Other than encouraging people to increase the number of gnomes in their homes, it is not quite clear what they do!

Gnome High Council

  • Another Sims 4 Gnome Gnome-related organization? Yes, this is the Gnome High Council and it defeated Stakra. All that is known about Stakra is that she had fanged teeth and reigned unchecked by mortal Sims. Her cruelty and destruction was so shocking that it had not been witnessed before or after her reign of terror. So the Gnome High Council vanquished her and placed her essence in a simple blue vase, incarcerated. As long as the vase remains on the top of the cabinet, the great galaxy is safe. Thankfully, the Sim’s universe has a great organization like the Gnome High Council!

Kicking Gnomes

  • Once again, we talk about the Gnome High Council. The Gnome High Council judges sims for the actions they did that have angered the gnomes. Many times, the crime is gnome-kicking.
  • A long time ago, Gnomes actually invented the soccer ball! This was done to prevent Sims from kicking them, but this doesn’t seem to be working. At the present time, Sims all over the Sim’s Universe play Soccer as it has become a Sim’s World pastime.

Important Sims 4 Gnomes History

  • Some Gnomes are originally from the Cave of Caerbannog. What people don’t realize at first is that if any Sim is taken in by the Gnome’s cuteness, and stares into it’s “childlike innocent eyes that can look into the Sim’s soul”, the Gnome has the ability to possibly own the Sim’s soul.

Garden Cart

The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Agnes Crumplebottom
  • There’s a Garden Cart in Henford on Bagley owned by Agnes and Agatha Crumplebottom. Agatha loves to gossip and asks newcomers of Henford-on-Bagley to dig up gossip about gnomes.
  • The reason Agnes and Agatha started the Garden Cart was due to Gnomes’ attraction to the flowers. The other choice would have been a match-making service, but the Gnomes made it an obvious choice.

About Sims 4 Gnomes

  • A gnome will show up if your sim takes bad quality photos. Basically, it is an overlay over the photo.
  • There are two Gnome Simmies
  • During Harvestfest, appease the gnomes that appear with an item or else feel their wrath!
  • Gnomes mend broken things overnight with Gnomes Lot Trait
  • There is a cross-stitch pattern for gnomes.
  • Who loves Kava? Garden Gnomes do!
  • Gnomes have Magical Grow Dust that they use on lawns to make them grow!
  • Gnomes send out messages
  • There are mail gnomes who get blamed for mail being delivered to the wrong Sim.
  • Gnomes mine crystals that have been charged by moonlight for over three months.
  • In the fantasy series, vampires, gnomes, and fairy princesses are all very popular!

Gnome Personalities

  • Gnomes are helpful, but just a little dangerous. Also, they’re flammable!
  • Adorably conniving plans when conspiring? Sounds like a Gnome! They are masters of it.
  • Lawn gnomes and lawn flamingos are always at odds with each other.
  • Gnomes are always around listening. Sims should find local gnomes and ask them for some gossip.
  • Garden Gnomes love hiking, fishing, and gardening.

Gnome History

  • (From the Cottage Living Gnome riding a chicken sculpture) “This sculpture commemorates the Legend of Onward, The Adventurous Gnome that says: There was once a Gnome that wanted adventure. Lived in a giant tree, with all his inventions. One day he befriended a Chicken that grew and grew with all the attention to a size that could not register, the Gnome paid no mind and continued to favor. One day, the Chicken spoke, offered a ride through the moors. The Gnome was stoked! Packed everything in one go! He jumped on it and began their journey, and across all the town they rode. Forever and never alone. Place this statue in your Lot and let your imagination wander…”
  • “The Tragedy of Garden Gnome the Wise” is a story that most Sims won’t talk about.
Sims 4 Gnomes Group of Gnomes


  • Gnomes invented the soccer ball to prevent Sims from kicking them. Due to it’s popularity, it has now become a favorite pastime around the Sim’s World.
  • GameSports released a line of soccer balls that became very popular. Due to this success, GameSports decided to start creating a Snowboard collection. Rumor has it that they might have given each of these Snowboards magical properties.

Notable Sims 4 Gnomes

  • Residents of this delightfully kitschy neighborhood take pride in their billboards and lawn gnomes. In reality, who wouldn’t love getting to say hello to Barry the Brontosaurus every morning?
  • The Sim formally known as Steve the Reagnomper, wanders the Sim world searching for “the unwanted, the broken, and the discarded gnomes of the lawn’verse”. Finally, he takes back to his home any gnomes that he finds, grinds them up, and allows them to “find a new recycled existence” as a household object or even potting soil.
  • “Not to be mistaken for an inhabitant of R’lyeh. This gnome has traveled far and wide to live in peace amongst the other gnomes in your garden. He will try to fit in, to make friends, guard your lot from evil… or rise up and rule over all Sims ensuing chaos and cast aside all concepts of normalcy.”

Lab Experiments

  • Working in the lab, an Unnamed Sim brought a gnome to work. Miraculously, the Gnome came alive and eventually more Gnomes joined them. The plants began to grow faster than ever before. The secret? Gnomes excel at caring for plants. Then, the Unnamed Sim wondered if it was possible to prove that Gnomes’ gardening powers were real and if they could, they would change the future of botany!
  • After the discovery and thorough research, the Unnamed Sim decided to write out a dissertation on the viability of harnessing magical power of gnomes to grow crops better. With the gnomes happy from fruits and pies, they continued their work. Surprisingly, after uploading the thesis online, the Unnamed Sim’s boss came in upset at the nature of the thesis and fired the Unnamed Sim.

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Thanks to EroSims for Gnome Photos for the Gnome Lore. Visit his Tumblr here.

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