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Learn how to download and install mods and CC from The Sims 4 Mod Hub website!

On November 14th, CurseForge and The Sims 4 unveiled their new mod and custom content platform, called The Sims 4 Mod Hub! The platform is designed to be a one-stop-shop for Sims 4 mods and custom content, all completely free to download and curated to ensure security and quality. There are already over 1,000 creations on the platform from creators. Here’s everything you need to know about downloading and installing your favourite mods and CC from the Mod Hub!

Sign Up for the Mod Hub

Sims 4 Mod Hub

Currently, The Sims 4 Mod Hub is connected to Twitch for login services. If you already have a Twitch account, you can use it to log in and create your account. If you don’t already have a Twitch account, you’ll need to create one. Changing your username and profile picture on Twitch will also change it on the Mod Hub.

In the future, CurseForge plans to implement more login options but for now, Twitch is the only way to log in to The Sims 4 Mod Hub.

Downloading Mods and CC from The Sims 4 Mod Hub

Once you have an account, you can begin browsing for mods and custom content! Select the different filters along the left sidebar to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to find newest creations and not necessarily just the most popular ones, you can filter for that, too.

Sims 4 Mod Hub Menu

Find something you like from the selection on The Sims 4 Mod Hub. You can either hit Download right on the search page or click on the name to bring up the download page with more info. We recommend going to the download page. You might miss important information about the download if you don’t read the full download page.

CurseForge Creator
The download page for one of my pose packs

As always, make sure you read all the information the creator has provided. Depending on what you’re downloading, you might need another mod or a specific pack for it to work correctly. After you are clear on all the details, scroll down to the download button and click it. The content will immediately download to your computer.

Creators earn 70% of all of CurseForge’s ad revenue so you are already supporting them by downloading their content for free from The Sims 4 Mod Hub. However, if you’d like to offer additional thanks, some creators have an optional donation button you can click on. Remember to follow your favourite creators to stay up-to-date on all their content!

CurseForge Download Page
Download under the Recent Files section

Installing Mods and CC

On December 6th, CurseForge’s Mod Manager app will be available for The Sims 4 as an open beta. The Mod Manager will install your downloaded content for you and automatically keep it updated so you don’t need to worry about anything else after downloading.

Until then, mods and custom content downloaded through The Sims 4 Mod Hub website will still need to be installed the same way they were before; by unzipping the files and putting them into your Mods folder.

If you’re new to mods and CC and need more help with this, check out our beginner’s guide to mods and CC!

Why Use The Sims 4 Mod Hub?

We know what you’re probably thinking right now. You already download your mods and CC from other sources. Why switch over to a new platform? We understand this point of view. No one likes having to change their routine, but there are many benefits to using CurseForge over other platforms.

Simmers have peace of mind downloading from CurseForge. Everything on CurseForge is age-appropriate for The Sims 4’s Teen rating and all content is reviewed before getting approval. This means there is no risk of downloading harmful viruses. CurseForge is also very convenient, as many of your favourite creators are now all in one place.

As we mentioned before, downloading from The Sims 4 Mod Hub directly supports creators but at no cost to you. CurseForge’s rewards program pays out 70% of its ad revenue to its creators so when you download something from The Sims 4 Mod Hub, you’re directly supporting that creator. This is a good thing for both creators and players. Players have unlimited access to high quality, free content and creators are still compensated for their time and hard work.

Want to know who’s on CurseForge? We have a list of some of your favourite creators!

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