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The Sims 4 Mod Squad: Meet the Creators!


Meet the modders leading CurseForge’s new Mods Hub for The Sims 4!

CurseForge has teamed up with Maxis to bring us the first ever Sims 4 Official Mods Hub! The new Sims 4 Mods Hub will be open to all creators but to launch the project, a group of top modders in the community has been selected to spearhead the platform. This group is known as the The Sims 4 Mod Squad!

You might already know a few names on the list but if you don’t, now’s a great time to get acquainted with them! Here are just a few of the talented creators who are a part of the Mod Squad!

Meet The Sims 4 Mod Squad:

aharris00britney – CC Creator

CAS enthusiasts will love having access to aharris00britney’s creations on the CurseForge Mods Hub! This talented creator makes high quality Maxis Match clothes for your Sims to look their best! We’re so happy to have them on the Mod Squad!

You can follow aharris00britney on Twitter!

Sims 4 Mod Squad
Image Credit: aharris00britney

akalukery – CC Creator

This talented custom content creator is known for his wide array of talents. He makes everything from CAS sets to Build/Buy sets and has even collaborated with some big fashion labels in the past such as Farfetch! Welcome to the Mod Squad, akalukery!

You can stay up to date with akalukery’s projects on his website!

Sims 4 modders
Image Credit: akalukery

arethabee – CC Creator

Look fun, fresh, and fierce with arethabee’s Maxis Match custom content for The Sims 4! There’s no such thing as having too many clothes, right? We can’t wait to see arethabee’s stunning creations on the CurseForge Mods Hub!

Keep up to date with arethabee and follow them on Twitter!

Custom Content Creators
Image Credit: arethabee

Carl – Modder

Carl’s a talented modder on a mission to fix everything that is wrong with The Sims 4! He’s known for making big game overhauls to improve player experiences. Some of his most popular mods include his Dine Out Reloaded and Retail Reloaded mods. We can’t wait to see what he brings to CurseForge!

You can check out all of Carl’s mods on his Patreon!

Sims 4 Mods Hub
Image Credit: Carl

Deaderpool – Modder

The master behind The Sims 4’s most popular mod, Master Command Center (or MCC), Deaderpool has changed the way Simmers experience the game. His powerful mod gives players the ultimate power and control over every aspect of their Sims’ lives. Now more players will gain that control in the Mods Hub!

You can find out more about Deaderpool on his website!

Deaderpool and CurseForge
Image Credit: Deaderpool

Icemunmun – Modder

Foodies unite! You’ll love icemunmun’s delicious creations! This modder creates custom foods for The Sims 4 to delight your Sims’ taste buds. Our mouths are already watering for all the tasty dishes she’ll bring to the Mods Hub!

You can follow icemunmun on Twitter!

Sims 4 Mod Squad
Image Credit: icemunmun

KatVerse – CC Creator

Both storytellers and alpha CC lovers are going to benefit from KatVerse’s contributions to The Sims 4 Mods Hub! She specializes in adorable, heartwarming custom poses to bring your Sims to life in a way like never before and her high quality alpha CAS creations bring a lovely touch of realism to your Sims.

You can check out all of KatVerse’s creations on her website!

Sims 4 Mods Hub
Image Credit: KatVerse

LittleDica – CC Creator

Fans of Maxis Match custom content love LittleDica’s style and it’s not hard to see why! His beautiful meshes and stunning textures come together to create gorgeous new items for your Sims’ homes. Welcome to the Mod Squad, LittleDica!

You can check out more of LittleDica’s work on his patreon!

Sims 4 Custom Content
Image Credit: LittleDica

MizoreYukii – Modder

MizoreYukii is a talented modder for The Sims 4 who specializes in adding new gameplay for Simmers to enjoy. Some of her latest and greatest projects include spiral staircases and adopting future development of the Plumfruit mod by retired modder, Arnie.

You can follow MizoreYukii on Twitter!

Sims 4 CurseForge
Image Credit: MizoreYukii

Nando – Modder

New custom worlds are coming to the CurseForge Mods Hub for The Sims 4 thanks to talented modder, Nando! He’s best known for transforming existing worlds in the game into entirely new destinations! We’re so excited to hear he’s on the Mod Squad!

You can follow Nando on Twitter!

Sims 4 modders
Image Credit: Nando

Peacemaker – CC Creator

This incredible custom content creator specializes in stunning Maxis Match Build/Buy sets. Their creations bring huge sets of impeccably designed furnishings and décor to The Sims 4. We’re so excited that they’re part of the Mod Squad!

You can learn more about Peacemaker on his website!

Peacemaker and CurseForge
Image Credit: Peacemaker

Ravasheen – Modder

Known for her adorable puns and small mods that make a big impact, Ravasheen is a talented Sims 4 modder. She specializes in improving the game in ways that are simple and intuitive for players to use. She’s going to be a fantastic addition to the Mod Squad!

You can learn more about Ravasheen and find all of her creations on her website!

Sims 4 Mod Squad
Image Credit: Ravasheen

Sims4Multiplayer – Modder

This ambitious modder set out to add multiplayer to The Sims 4 and succeeded! Simmers have been playing with their friends for years thanks to this mod. Now, even more Simmers will get that opportunity on The Sims 4 Mods Hub! What a game changing addition to the Mod Squad!

You can learn more about the multiplayer mod on their website!

Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod
Image Credit: Sims4Multiplayer

TwistedMexi – Modder

This Sims 4 modder isn’t afraid of a challenge and the game has been better off for it. His revolutionary TOOL mod has opened up a whole new world for builders. Speaking of new worlds, he’s also working on an ambitious Create A World tool! Welcome to the Mod Squad, TwistedMexi!

You can find out more about TwistedMexi’s projects on his website!

Twisted Mexi
Image Credit: TwistedMexi

Check out more talented modders in The Sims 4 Mod Squad!

We’ve given you a small sneak peek into a handful of Mod Squad members involved with CurseForge’s Official Sims 4 Mods Hub but there is still so much more talent to discover! We are incredibly excited about every single creator on this list. After all, the more creators involved, the more amazing content for Simmers to enjoy!

Check out these impressive creators who are also on the Sims 4 Mod Squad! You are seriously missing out if you don’t!

Mod Squad Modders

Somik and Severinka

Mod Squad Custom Content Creators

Simna Sims
Mr. Olkan

The Sims 4 Mod Squad is just the beginning!

Starting on November 14th, 2022, all Sims 4 modders and custom content creators will be able to host their content on CurseForge’s Official Sims 4 Mods Hub! Expect to see even more of your favourite creators on the platform soon!

If you’re a creator interested in hosting your content on the Mods Hub, make sure you know the content guidelines so you’re prepared in November!

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