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The Sims 4 SDX Drop: What to Expect?


The Sims 4 has a big SDX Drop happening November 17th – including new content and bug fixes! Here’s what you can expect in just a few hours.

The Sims Team has lined up a big amount of new content coming to The Sims 4. At least when it comes to SDX Drops!

Over the last few days the team has shared information about new Hairstyles, Mass Effect Collaboration and more coming with the upcoming drop. Today, they’ve shared new information about new music…and bug fixes coming to the game. What a combo, right?

Anyways, here’s a full list of things you should expect through an SDX Drop:

Sims 4 November 17th SDX Drop – What’s coming?

New Hairstyles

Two new hairstyles are coming to The Sims 4, in collaboration with DeeSims! The hairstyles feature Bantu knots and two strand twists. Both hairstyles have been confirmed to be available for Sims aged Child and up!

The Sims 4 - New Hairstyles!
The Sims 4 is getting new Hairstyles

New Music

The Sims confirmed today that Anitta will be having her Simlish song “Practice” added to The Sims 4 Base Game. The Brazilian singer will have her song featured in the “Pop” Music Category of The Sims 4.

You can check out the preview of the song below!

Mass Effect Collaboration

Maxis and Bioware have confirmed that they’re teaming up to bring new Mass Effect themed content to The Sims 4.

Expect new Hats, Shirts and an N7 Tattoo. You can learn more about this collaboration here!

Sims 4 Mass Effect Collaboration
Sims 4 Mass Effect Collaboration – SDX Drop

Major Bug Fix – Mean Sims

Remember the glitch we reported about a few days ago about Sims being mean to each other…for no reason?

The Sims Direct Communications reported today that they’re fixing the issue in tomorrow’s SDX drop!

Contact Us

Sul Sul Simmers,

We have an update on overly aggressive/mean Sims. We’re incorporating a tuning fix to cool down the extra negativity taking place between Sims in tomorrow’s Sims Delivery Express. We appreciate your patience as we investigated & worked toward a solution.

The Sims 4 - Mean Glitch
Sims being autonomously mean to each other

That’s all we know on tomorrow’s SDX Drop. Stay tuned on Sims Community for the latest information on future drops!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming SDX Drop? Join the conversation!

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