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There is an extensive new Official Sims 4 Survey!


A new official survey for The Sims 4 has surfaced the internet. Asking players about their current thoughts and ideas for improvements!

Just last month Maxis and EA have made The Sims 4 a free-to-play video game! Meaning that the Base Game of the 4th installment in The Sims Franchise is completely free to claim and play on PC and Consoles.

Players of The Sims 4 who either obtained it freely or owned it before have started reporting about the new official survey. The official survey for Sims 4 covers questions both for longtime and new players. With questions asking about the current satisfaction of the game and what could be improved.

Sims 4 Survey
The official Sims 4 Survey invite

YouTuber SimmerErin has collected all the questions asked in the official survey. The questions generally ask about the consumer satisfaction and do they agree with each point listed below.

Official Sims 4 Survey Questions

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with The Sims 4?
  • It’s important to me to create my own characters and/or story in-game
  • It’s important to me to feel an emotional connection to the game’s story
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the rate at which new content (i.e., furniture, traits, hair etc.) is added to The Sims 4?
  • Generally, how positively or negatively do you feel about the base game change to “free to play”?
  • The in-game tutorial(s) made learning how to play easy
  • The Sims 4 allows me to shape my Sims’ lives the way I want
  • There are goals/achievements I hope to reach in The Sims 4
  • The Sims 4 generates random and surprising experiences for my Sims that enhance my gameplay
  • There is enough content / gameplay in the base game to have fun
  • I find ways to play TS4 with my friends / family (e.g., chat while playing, sharing a saved game)
  • I need to buy DLC (e.g., packs, kits) to have fun in TS4
  • How likely are you to continue playing The Sims 4?
  • I prefer video games that let me create my own world
  • I prefer video games that have a story I can immerse myself in
  • I tend to play games for the action
  • I tend to play games with a story
  • I prefer games that focus on a single-player experience
  • I prefer games that focus on a multi-player experience
  • As long as I can accomplish my goals, I don’t pay much attention to other players in-game
  • I get a lot of satisfaction from helping other playeres in-game
  • I prefer video games with fantasy or sci-fi themes
  • I prefer video games with realistic themes
Screenshot 2022 11 19 at 15.19.03 e1668867569639
Question example from The Sims 4 Survey. Image: SimmerErin

Stay tuned on Sims Community for all the future developments of The Sims 4!

Did you get the official survey? What are your thoughts on it? Join the conversation below!

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