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Wednesday’s Child is Full of Great Sims 4 Goth CC


This set is creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky! It’s all together ooky! This Sims 4 Goth CC.

This Sims 4 Goth CC is about to take a dark turn.

In brief, Charles Addams’ Addams Family cartoon was first published to The New Yorker in 1938. In fact, the family was without proper names until the 1964 TV Show “The Addams Family.” Throughout the years, there have been many different iterations with slightly different tones, characteristics, and storylines. To illustrate the Addams’ family’s influence, just read and watch all the numerous versions, including books, a Broadway Show, an animated series, a live action tv show, a pinball machine, video games, and even advertisements. Most recently, a Netflix original show features Wednesday Addams as its titular character and was released November 23, 2022.

What each iteration has in common is a dark, Goth aesthetic. As the result of the Netflix show’s popularity, it is nor surprising that a Custom Content (CC) creator has created a CC set to accompany the feel of the Netlix show. In a similar fashion, Sixam has created a Sims 4 goth CC set that would either work perfectly in an Addams Family build or even with similar families such as the Goth Family. To summarize, this set works well together and also combined with items from the Vampire Game Pack.

This pack by SixamCC will release on December 22, 2022!

Goth Sims 4 CC: Wednesday's Goth Bedroom

Sims 4 Goth CC Included


Sixam included two different beds and matching mattress along with bed stands and a dresser! Using these items and some of the decorations included with the set, a bedroom perfect for Wednesday Addams is easy to create.

Goth Sims 4 CC: Wednesday's Bedroom Furniture

Double Bed Frame: Gothic Double Frame (10 Swatches)
Double Separated Mattress: “Soft and sometimes weird” Double Mattress (12 Swatches)
Single Bed Frame: Goth Single Frame (10 Swatches)
Single Separated Mattress: “Soft and sometimes weird” Single Mattress (12 Swatches)
Dresser: Pretty Dark Dresser (10 Swatches)
Night Table: “Secrets in the Dark” Nightstand (10 Swatches)

Dining Room

Although there is only one dining room item with the set, it can be used with a good number of in game items from tables to desk. Not to mention the stylish look of the chair that can be used with man different game chairs or Custom Content chairs.

Wednesday's Dining Room

Dining Chair: “Nightmare” Dining Chair (12 Swatches)

Living Room

These three pieces are our favorite pieces in the set! Particularly, the red color is absolutely stunning against the dark wood colors and the shape is unique from anything else we have in the game. Above all, these Sims 4 Goth CC pieces perfectly match the vibe of the new Wednesday show.

Goth Sims 4 CC: Wednesday's Living Room

Living Chair: “Nightmare” Living Chair (10 Swatches)
Loveseat: Nightmare Loveseat (10 Swatches)
Couch: “Nightmare” Couch (10 Swatches)


Another key point is that we love the Sims 4 goth CC decorative items included in this set! In fact, the large mirror is not only great for decoration, but also for all the normal mirror uses. Specifically, there are two different paintings with 14 swatches between the two of them, a decorative skull, a fireplace, and a round rug with swatches that will go with numerous different house decoration styles.

All things considered, the skull and fireplace will be my top two objects used from this pack.

Goth Sims 4 CC: Wednesday's Decorations

Fireplace: Gothic Stone Fireplace (9 Swatches)
Painting: Beautiful Art (8 Swatches)
Painting: Old Portraits (6 Swatches)
Rug: Funny Circular Rug (12 Swatches)
Decorative Skull: Uncle Skull (4 Swatches)
Wall Mirror: “Look at me!” Wall Mirror (10 Swatches)


These living tables could have a myriad of different uses from using them in the hall way to behind a couch or on any open wall space. Subsequently, their two different heights gives them added flexibility.

Goth Sims 4 CC: Wednesday's Hallway Tables

Hallway Table: “Secret Love” Hall Table (10 Swatches)
Hallway Table (Short): “Secret Love” Hall Table (Short) (10 Swatches)


Lastly, the lighting is one of the most important parts of decoration. Sixam provides us with two different types of Sims 4 goth CC lights in this pack. Subsequently, they include a wall lamp and a table lamp. With 9 swatches between the two lamps, these lamps should be able to fit into quite a few different decoration styles including a Goth house. In truth, these are the perfect versatile type of lamp that most Simmers need.

Wednesday's Room Lights

Wall Light: “Give me light” Fancy Lamp (4 Swatches)
Table Light: Victorian Heirloom Table Lamp (5 Swatches)

To conclude, this pack is a great pack for any Wednesday Addams’ fan, Addams Family fan, and/or Sims 4 goth cc fan. Our favorite items were the skull, the fireplace, and the the three living room seating options. We recommend downloading it and adding the items to your game!

Preview Pictures

Download this Sims 4 Goth CC


Wednesday’s At That Very Special Age When A Girl Has Only One Thing On Her Mind” Downloading the Sims 4 Goth CC: Wednesday’s Goth Bedroom Set!

This set will release on December 22, 2022

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With this set in mind, what version of the Addams Family are you going to create?

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