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The Sims 4 Winter Lookbook to Ring in the Season!


The perfect looks for your Sims to stay warm and stylish this winter!

Winter has arrived for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and we thought we’d kick off the season with a Sims 4 winter lookbook! Grab a cup of hot chocolate, get into your warmest PJs, and sit back and be inspired by these wintery and festive styles for your Sims! Even if you hate the snow and cold, you can enjoy it from the warmth of your own living room in The Sims 4!

Let’s ring in the holiday season with style! All of our looks for this Sims 4 winter lookbook are CC-free (we see you, console players!) so you can mix and match official packs to achieve these warm, cozy looks.

The Sims 4 Winter Lookbook

Where Are You, Winterfest?

Where Are You, Winterfest?

The snow has finally started falling, the school buses are cancelled, and you are SO ready for Winterfest! Except… Winterfest is still so far away. What to do when you’re in the festive spirit too early? Dress in red and green until you can break out the ugly Winterfest sweater, of course! This Sims 4 winter lookbook style features a red open coat over a warm turtleneck and a green corduroy skirt over leggings and warm boots.

  • Hair: Half-Up Corkscrew Curls (Base Game)
  • Top: Open Button-Up Winter Coat Layered Over Turtleneck (Holiday Celebration)
  • Bottom: Button-Up Corduroy Miniskirt (Eco Lifestyle)
  • Shoes: Knee-High Leather Boots With Wool Trim (Nifty Knitting Stuff)
  • Accessories: Hat (Outdoor Retreat) / Gloves (Seasons) / Leggings (First Fits Kit)

Cool Blue

Sims 4 Winter Lookbook: Cool Blue

What’s a toddler to do when the world is covered in a thick sparkling blanket of white? Play in it all day! This warm, cozy Sims 4 winter lookbook ensemble in shades of icy blue and white is perfect for launching sneaky snowball attacks from inside snow forts. Parents might have a headache trying to keep track of their little winter chameleons, though.

  • Hair: Middle Part (Base Game)
  • Top: White Winter Coat with Hooks (Holiday Celebration)
  • Bottom: Jeans With Pockets (Base Game)
  • Shoes: Fuzzy Winter Boots (Snowy Escape)
  • Accessories: Hat (Nifty Knitting Stuff) / Gloves (Seasons)

A Gothic Holiday

Sims 4 Winter Lookbook: A Gothic Holiday

While the Goth Family dynamic may have changed over the years, it hasn’t stopped them from getting into the festive spirit during the Holiday Season. This Freezer Bunny inspired Sims 4 winter lookbook, is perfect for Mortimer and many other elder Sims. Instead of getting fully involved in the hustle and bustle of the big day, you’ll find Mortimer sat by the fire with the grandchildren, telling them tales of Holidays past.

  • Hair: Slicked Back (Base Game)
  • Top: Freezer Bunny Festive Sweater (Holiday Celebration)
  • Bottom: Casual Pants (Incheon Arrivals Kit)
  • Shoes: Cosy Slippers (Holiday Celebration)
  • Accessories: Wedding Ring (Base Game) / Rounded Glasses (Vintage Glamour) / Socks (Base Game)

Winterfest Prom Night

Sims 4 Winter Lookbook: Winterfest Prom Night

With the end of term approaching ahead of the Winterfest break, it’s time for students to kick back and have some fun at the Winterfest Prom. The dress code for this event, classy and black tie. This look while simple fits the dress code perfectly! Along with the added finer details in this Sims 4 winter lookbook outfit, the accessories, makeup and shoes really bring this look together for the ultimate prom night look!

  • Hair: Two-tone in Pink (Backyard Stuff)
  • Full Body:  Shoulder Cut-out Dress (My Wedding Stories)
  • Shoes: Diamanté Strapped Heels (Get Famous)
  • Accessories: Moon Necklace & Bracelet Set (Werewolves) / Nails (Base Game)
  • Make-up: Eyeshadow (High School Years) / Eyeliner (My Wedding Stories) / Blue & Lips ( MAC x Base Game)


This post was a collaboration between Krista and SnarkyWitch!

  • Where Are You, Winterfest? and Cool Blue Looks: SnarkyWitch
  • A Gothic Holiday and Winterfest Prom Night Looks: Krista
  • Poses: KatVerse, Couquett
  • CAS Background: KatVerse

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