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Sleepwear for all Life Stages! Check out upcoming CAS content coming to The Sims 4.

The Sims 4’s latest update brought more than we’ve covered. Yes, we’re talking about new Sleepwear in The Sims 4 game files!

In case you don’t know, The Sims 4’s January 31st Update brought in General New Content including Medical Wearables, Shapewear, Top Surgery Scar and Light Switches. We reported on the new content in our Update Overview article, with a finding about an upcoming Sims 4 CAS release.

We received a tip from @Mushilda about the new Pyjamas set, yet to be released. Including a better look into the entire catalogue of presets (and life stages!). Check out the previews below!

Upcoming CAS Content

The following set Pyjamas and Loungewear was discovered in Sims4Studio, with something new for every life stage!

There are two sets of of new sleepwear, with 8 different variants each. There are tops and trousers that span across life stages from Toddlers to Elders, and we’re assuming soon Infants as well.

Sleepwear Set in Sims 4
Sleepwear Set – Masculine Adult Tops
Sleepwear Set – Feminine Adult Tops and Bottoms
Shirts and Pyjamas for Children
New jammies for Toddlers!

@Mushilda was also able to unlock the new Sleepwear Set in Create A Sim and take a few screenshots. Check out the preview!

Sims 4 CAS - Upcoming Content
New Sleepwear for Children in The Sims 4

When will this content be available in The Sims 4?

We don’t know yet. The mentioned set of clothing could be released in two different ways – either through an SDX Drop or a new Sims 4 Update. We’ll know soon for sure!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming set?

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