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We’re Getting a Reorganized Pie Menu in The Sims 4!


Changes are coming to The Sims 4’s social pie menu!

The Sim Gurus have been dropping lot of new information about The Sims 4 Growing Together on Twitter and if you’ve been following the tweets, it’s hard not to feel hyped for all the new content coming in March. One tweet by SimGuruNinja was easy to go unnoticed in all the chatter, but we caught it! SimGuruNinja hinted that there are changes coming to The Sims 4 pie menu!

The Sims 4: New Pie Menu

If you don’t know what the pie menu is, we’re referring to the list of social options that pops up whenever you click on a Sim in Live Mode. This pie menu style of social options has been a staple of The Sims series since it’s original inception back in 2000. Over the years, as more social interactions were added to the game, the pie menu was divided into Friendly, Mean, Funny, and Romantic categories for easier navigation. The update coming before The Sims 4 Growing Together will change the pie menu again.

Currently, in The Sims 4, the default pie menu claims to be “smart.” It suggests the most relevant options for the current conversation first. However, most Simmers choose to change the pie menu to The Sims 3 style in the Game Options. The Sims 3 style pie menu is divided into social categories. Most players agree that it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for in this menu. We hope the upcoming update will make things easier!

The Current Pie Menu is a Mess

The Sims 4 Growing Together
Traditional Social Menu (The Sims 3 Style)

Nevertheless, even with The Sims 3 pie menu enabled, it’s a pain to click through all the options. I notice the tediousness of the pie menu the most with my SuperSim. She has every interaction unlocked from skills, careers, and aspirations. She has literally hundreds of social options to click through. It takes ages to find the interaction I want.

The Sims 4 Growing Together
Dynamic Social Menu (The Sims 4 Style – Default)

So what exactly is changing with the pie menu? We don’t know for sure. SimGuruNinja did not give details, but since he was discussing The Sims 4 Growing Together, we’re hopeful that there will at least be a new Family category where all the family-related interactions are located. Also, with new features coming like social compatibility, family dynamics, and milestones, we wouldn’t be surprised to see support added for these special relationships.

The new Pie Menu update is expected to come with the Infants Base Game Update. Arriving March 14th!

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