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Life by You News Roundup: 20 of the Latest and Greatest Developments!

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Learn how household funds and relationships work in Life by You!

The team at Paradox Tectonic has been releasing a steady stream of Life by You news to get players excited for the early access in September! There is lots of exciting information being shared on their social media channels and as always, Sims Community is here to round all of it up for you in one place! Let’s take a look at how managing funds, relationships, life stages, and more is going to work in Life by You!

Life by You News Roundup

The Life by You team has shared plenty of information on many different aspects of the game on their Twitter in the form of handy, easy-to-read screenshots. Let’s check out everything they have to say about managing a household, wall and floor customisation, life stages, conversations, and even how the early access rollout is going to work!

Household Management

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Source: @lifebyyou_pdx on Twitter

We’re off to a good start with relationship customisation! Life by You’s character creator is confirmed to allow us to add partners, spouses, siblings, parents, housemates, teenagers, children, and babies! This is already an improvement over The Sims 4 which does not allow us to add romantic partners who are not married or engaged. We cannot add newborn babies to a household through CAS, either.


While we’re a little disappointed that family trees won’t be included in early access, we are glad to hear that they will be part of the base game. The dev team is just taking some extra time to perfect the design for generational playthroughs. We would much rather wait a bit longer for a feature that meets or exceeds all our expectations than get a rushed feature that has issues.

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This is probably one aspect of household management we are most excited about! Players have been wanting funds to be managed at an individual level rather than always being shared by the whole household in The Sims for decades and this Life by You news confirms it’s going to deliver this feature! We love that our humans will be able to have their own money with an option to freely transfer their funds and belongings to anyone they want.


In other Life by You news, still no confirmation on how many humans we’ll be able to have in our households but it is confirmed to be more than five. We hope we will have the option to have at least 10 humans in a household but we’ll just have to wait and see what the final number will be.

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The Life by You team has since showed off this tool in more depth in one of their recent videos! Check out exactly how you can manage anyone in your town quickly and easily through the Human Editor!

Wall and Floor Customisation

Life by You Grid Tiles Info

This piece of Life by You news is going to be a total game changer for builders! We will be able to build walls and flooring off the standard one-tile grid just by dragging the flooring and walls around! This is something that The Sims 4 still fails to offer players.

Life by You news

Trims and baseboards will be able to be customized separately from the rest of the wall coverings, which is some super exciting Life by You news! Once again, this is a build feature that The Sims 4 does not offer to players. Life by You is looking more and more appealing by the minute!

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While players do of course have the ability to create custom walls and flooring for The Sims 4, it’s not exactly the most intuitive process for someone who has no modding experience or skill with photo editing programs. Life by You aims to make all of its modding structure and tools available directly in-game in a way that is easy for all players to use. So, suffice it to say, we are really excited to find out how this will be implemented with wall and flooring customisation.

Life by You news

This piece of Life by You news makes pattern customisation sound like something similar to The Sims 3’s Create-A-Style feature, which is something players of The Sims 4 have wanted to see make a return to the series. It looks like Life by You is going to bring this concept back in its own game and we’re looking forward to learning more about how patterns can be customised in Life by You.

Want to see all this in action? Check out a video showing off these features below!

Life Stages

We’ve previously discussed life stages in Life by You on our website but for the sake of rounding up all the Life by You news released thus far, we’ve included it here as well. For a more in-depth look at how life stages will work in Life by You, check out our previous article on this subject!


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Previously, Life by You showed off how their Conversation Editor works in both their reveal livestream and another shorter video. Players will be able to customize conversations as casually or as intensely as they like. This latest Life by You news confirms that we may see our own edited dialogue appear later in other conversations as long as the two humans interacting have the same type of relationship.


Autonomous conversations can happen between both non-controlled and controlled humans at any time. This is something common to both The Sims 4 and Life by You; however, this Life by You news assures players that autonomous conversations won’t be annoying like The Sims 4’s because you will not be pulled into that conversation unless you decide you want to actively be involved.

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Naturally, conversations in Life by You will have an impact on the state of that relationship, as well as unlocking new interactions. This is all pretty much expected from human interaction in the game, but what intrigues us the most about this Life by You news is the mention of unlocking new quests! They haven’t shared much about quests yet but it seems like this life simulation will have a little bit of an RPG element mixed in, which is really cool!


No group conversations in the game yet, which may be either a relief or a disappointment to some players depending on their personal play style; however, it seems like the Life by You team wants to implement this eventually once they’re certain the 1-on-1 interactions are working as intended.

Life by You news
Source: @lifebyyou_pdx on Twitter

For avid storytellers such as myself, the Conversation Editor tools are going to be a must-have feature, but not every player is interested in writing stories and conversations. Don’t worry, the Life by You team knows this and has made sure that there is plenty of dialogue and unique conversations already in the game for you to play with. When you get bored of those conversations, you’ll be able to browse and download all the stories that your fellow players have uploaded.

For those passionate writers, here’s a look at the in-game Conversation Editor:

Early Access

And last, but certainly not least, we have some Life by You news regarding early access! Currently, early access pre-order bonuses are only supported by Epic Games, but the team is trying to make the pre-order content available across all PC gaming store fronts. Exclusive Discord invites for the first 100,000 who pre-ordered will be sent out closer to early access. For Steam pre-orders, the team is investigating options for how to send out these invites. And finally, there are currently no plans to release Life by You on console. It will be on PC only for the time being, at least.

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