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A modder-driven life simulation that puts the world entirely in your hands!

Life By You

The livestream for Rod Humble’s new life simulation game, Life by You, happened today! There was an almost overwhelming amount of information. Some of the most exciting new info revolves around all the built-in creator tools that will allow players to mod their games even if they have no modding experience. Much of the gameplay itself for Life BY You looks promising as well.

Let’s get into everything that was discussed in the Life by You livestream, including pre-order info and the early access release date!

Life By You Livestream Information

Here’s all the exciting information released during the Life By You livestream!

Open World

Life By You
  • Life By You is a true open world game. Nothing in the game is a rabbithole. There are no loading screens anywhere. Every location your characters can visit is a real location you can see, explore, and control your character in.
  • Not only can you swap between different household members in different locations at any time in Life By You, you can also swap to a different household directly in-game without a loading screen.
  • Lots of transportation options; not just cars. There are skateboards, bicycles, motorbikes, and your characters can walk or jog anywhere they like as well.
  • Transport has two modes in Life By You; you can choose to send your character somewhere in a vehicle and they will navigate there on your own. Or, you can directly control the vehicle and drive it yourself. You can do this with your mouse and keyboard or with a compatible console controller.
  • There are lots of spawnables and collectibles throughout the world in Life By You for your characters to discover, such as seashells at the beach. Players can also add collectible spawners to the world if they wish.
  • The world is not just open spacially. It’s open in terms of time, too. Players can skip time forward a decade if they want to in Life by You.

Building Tools

Announcement Event Life by You 7 41 screenshot
  • The lot editor tools allow players to create and edit existing lots, including the size of the lot. You can choose a business’ working hours or designate a lot as a home workplace.
  • Everything in the world is customizable and editable. Players can also create their own buildings from the ground up.
  • Life By You’s regional editor allows players to place homes wherever they want in the world. Clump multiple homes together for a true suburban experience or just pick up your character’s workplace and plop it down next door if you’re tired of the long commute.
  • The World tool also allows you to add people to the world.


Life By You
  • Life By You uses full, real-language conversation. You will be able to read full conversations happening between your characters.
  • The conversations are generated in real-time based on the situation in Life By You, so no two conversations will be exactly alike. You can really respond to people the way you want and your responses will inform the direction of the conversation.
  • Where you are, who you’re talking to, and the type of relationship you have with that person all shape how conversations between the two of you play out in Life By You.
  • Almost every choice you make will affect the relationship in some way. You can be friendly, romantic, and antagonistic with people.
  • In Life By You, other characters you aren’t playing with will be out having their own conversations, too, and you can listen in on those conversations.
  • There are thousands of lines of conversation already in Life By You but players also have the power to write their own stories through the game’s built-in conversation tool. This is the same tool the developers used to quickly and easily create conversations for the game.
  • Players can edit existing dialogue in Life By You or create entirely new dialogue with their own choices and options, then share those stories they create with the community. Other players will be able to play through your stories.
  • Players who really love to write a lot of stories and dialogue in Life By You can batch import and export large groups of their custom conversations at a time.


Announcement Event Life by You 13 38 screenshot
  • Players have the power to easily make gameplay modifications to any object, even if they have no modding experience. Life By You has a built in script editor that allows players to quickly and easily make almost endless modifications to an object. This tool is very visual to make object modification easy for anyone in Life By You, regardless of their coding knowledge.
  • The livestream example showed how players can easily take a flower bush and make it function as a toilet with just a couple clicks of your mouse directly in-game.
  • The script editor is what the developers used to make Life By You and they wanted to make all the different tools they used to make the game available to players.
  • More editor tools will be revealed in the coming weeks and months for Life By You, including a model editor tool that will allow you to change the look and feel of objects.
  • All of the editor tools discussed in the livestream will ship with the game, directly in the game itself. No external programs required.
  • Rod Humble also mentioned things like a Quest Editor and Skill Editor in Life By You. However, more information on those is still to come.

Release Date & Preorder Info

Life By You
  • Life By You is available for preorder right now on Epic Games. Players who preorder the game will get the Life Begins bonus content. This includes a vintage scooter, a fashion pack, and a décor pack.
  • Early Access begins on September 13th, 2023. Players who preordered will be able to play Life By You in early access before the full launch.
  • The first 100,000 early access players will also get a special invite to a private Discord server. They can share their feedback directly with the developers.
  • The early access of Life By You will not be the full, complete game. The early access period is intended to give players a chance to test drive the game so the developers can see what players enjoy, what they don’t enjoy, and how they can continue to build upon the overall experience. However, all the core features of Life by You are available in early access and should prove to be a very fun and immersive experience for players.

Trailer Screens

The screens shared above only scratched the surface of what we got to see in the livestream. The extended trailer shared at the beginning and end of the stream was full of plenty more to see. We’ve got all the best Life By You trailer screens right here for you!

I’ve already preordered my copy of Life By You! Will you be preordering the game, too? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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