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The Sims 4 Taylor Swift Create A Sim Challenge

sims 4 taylor swift cas challenge

For a moment, a band of thieves in ripped-up jeans got to rule the world!

In honour of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) being released, we wanted to find a fun way for players to celebrate the release with an exciting The Sims 4 Taylor Swift CAS Challenge!

Now, if you have followed Sims Community for a while, you will know that this isn’t the first time we’ve been inspired by Taylor Swift. Previously, we have created a lookbook inspired by RED (Taylor’s Version) as well as the Henford-on-Bagley Playlist which was inspired by Taylor’s Evermore album. Needless to say, the team are true Swifties!

A taste of our RED (Taylor’s Version) lookbook. Go check it out!

Sims 4 Taylor Swift Challenge Details

This Sims 4 Taylor Swift-inspired challenge features all the songs from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and aims to get players to create looks inspired by the various songs from the album.

Naturally, we had to include the new Vaulted songs, as this Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge wouldn’t be complete otherwise. With over twenty songs to choose from, there will be plenty of ways to create a number of looks that represent Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

Sims 4 Taylor Swift

There is no right or wrong way to complete this Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge. Simply pick one of the songs and create a look based upon your choice.

We also added a free choice option for this Sims 4 Taylor Swift Challenge. This was more, so players could potentially create an overall look based upon the album or combine inspiration from multiple songs into one look.

Once you’ve completed your looks, you are free to share them on social media or The Gallery. Just make sure to use the hashtag #SpeakNowTVSims!

And with that, that is everything you need to know about this The Sims 4 Taylor Swift Create A Sim Challenge!

The Lookbook (Taylor’s Version)

As Swifties ourselves, we couldn’t create a The Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge and not make a few looks inspired by the album. Between SnarkyWitch and I, we have picked two songs each and got creative with our looks!

Each of the looks we created for this Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge is Custom Content free and uses a variety of options available in-game. Full details of each look can be found under each look!

Better Than Revenge

Sims 4 Taylor Swift - Better than Revenge

“I’m just another thing for you to roll your eyes at, honey. You might have him, but I’ll always get the last word”

Inspired by Taylor’s song, Better Than Revenge, this look went through a variety of different possibilities before settling on this. Instead of over-complicating the look, I kept it simple and focused on the smaller details in the accessories and makeup. Picture this look being spotted at a party where you run into an ex-partner and their new partner. You’re standing there letting them know that you are the happiest you’ve ever been while looking amazing!

  • Hair: High Pony (Get Famous)
  • Dress: Lilac Low Back Dress (My Wedding Stories)
  • Shoes: Celestial Hi-tops (Werewolves)
  • Accessories:  Rings (Werewolves), Bracelets (Realm of Magic and Werewolves), Earrings (Realm of Magic), Tights (Base Game) Plumbob Tattoo (Base Game)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow (My Wedding Stories), Eyeliner (High School Years), Lips & Blush (Base Game x MAC), Nails (Werewolves)


Sims 4 Taylor Swift - Haunted

“Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this. I thought I had you figured out. Something’s gone terribly wrong. You’re all I wanted

Haunted is a song that I’ve always felt a connection with. However, upon listening to it for this The Sims 4 Taylor Swift-inspired lookbook, it hit differently. I pictured myself being a part of the song. Dressed in a grunge-style outfit, in a haunted/ rundown house in Forgotten Hollow. In fact, this look turned out to be similar to my own style from around the time Haunted was originally released!

  • Hair: Braided Crown (High School Years)
  • Top: Layered Denim Jacket (Grunge Revival)
  • Bottom: Plaid Skirt (High School Years)
  • Shoes: Chequered Hi-tops (Grunge Revival)
  • Accessories:  Leggings & Rings (Werewolves), Necklace (Realm of Magic)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow (Luxury Party) Eyeliner (High School Years), Lips & Blush (Base Game x MAC), Nails (Base Game)


Taylor Swift - Mean (in The Sims 4)

“You have pointed out my flaws again as if I don’t already see them!”

This song was teenage me’s anthem when I was getting bullied in school and I love the music video for it to this day. My favourite part was always the railroad scene stylized as an old Western film with Taylor playing the damsel in distress tied up on the tracks. The dark cloudy sky and Taylor’s helplessness to escape a train barrelling at her really reflects how a lot of us feel when everyone around us seems determined to tie us down and laugh at our pain. I just had to recreate this moment.

  • Hair: Curly Bun (Eco Lifestyle)
  • Outfit: Day of the Dead Dress (Base Game)
  • Shoes: Heeled Lace-Up Boots (Cottage Living)
  • Accessories: Striped Leggings (Base Game), Pearl Necklace (Cottage Living), Veiled Hat (Get Famous), Nails (Base Game)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick (Base Game), Blush (High School Years)

Speak Now

Speak Now by Taylor Swift in The Sims 4

“And she is yelling at a bridesmaid somewhere back inside a room wearing a gown shaped like a pastry.”

One thing Taylor is a master at is imagery in her songs. She can describe a scene so vividly in her lyrics that you feel like you’re there with her. You can picture every detail in your mind. Speak Now is a great example of this. She describes this snotty bridezilla in such specific detail right down to her pastry-shaped dress, how could I not bring this iconic scene to life with a puffy, gaudy-looking wedding dress and an angry bride screaming in a rage on her wedding day?

  • Hair: Braided Bun with Gemstones (My Wedding Stories)
  • Outfit: Puffy Sleeved Wedding Dress (My Wedding Stories)
  • Shoes: Lace Wedges (Cottage Living)
  • Accessories: Crystal Drop Earrings (Growing Together), Pearl Necklace (Cottage Living), Diamond-Shaped Wedding Ring (My Wedding Stories), Nails (My Wedding Stories)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow (My Wedding Stories), Blush (High School Years), Eyeliner and Lipstick (Base Game)


This The Sims 4 Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Lookbook was a collaboration between Krista and SnarkyWitch!

Don’t forget to share your The Sims 4 Taylor Swift inspired looks over on social media by using the hashtag #SpeakNowTVSims

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