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The Sims 4: How to Make Your Own Accessories for Custom Poses

Sims 4 How to Create Custom Accessories

When I started making poses for The Sims 4, I would use pose accessories made by other creators and link to them in my sets. The problem with this was that the accessory wasn’t guaranteed to always be available. Creators delete their blogs without warning all the time, rendering my poses unusable.

This frustrated me so I learned how to make my own accessories. Today, I’m going to show you how I convert in-game objects into pose accessories!

What You Will Need

  • Blender 2.70 (you can also use 3.3 if you have updated to S4S Star)
  • The Sims 4 Studio
  • Any image editing software. I use Photoshop CS6 but Paint.NET is a great free alternative.
  • Knowledge of how to use Blender and S4S. This is not a beginner tutorial. You should already know your way around these programs.
  • These resource files. You’ll need them later.

Select Your Accessory

Screenshot 2214
  • Open S4S. Type in your Creator name and choose CAS > Create 3D Mesh
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the cheat console and type in object-preview
  • Find an object you want to turn into a pose accessory. If you want to use a debug object, check the Show Debug box.
  • Export the mesh and diffuse texture and close the window.
  • Find a base game CAS accessory. I recommend the eyeball ring. It’s base game and compatible with long sleeves.
  • Export the mesh.

Make Your Accessory

Screenshot 2219
  • Open the CAS accessory in Blender and append the object you want to convert to an accessory
  • Delete the original CAS accessory and rename the new object to s4studio_mesh_1
Screenshot 2220
  • Move the object you appended to the Sim’s hand where it feels natural for them to hold it
Screenshot 2221
  • Switch to Edit Mode and select the entire object
Screenshot 2223
  • Under the Scene tab, in the S4Studio CAS Tools section, set the Type to GEOM and the Cut to 0000. IMPORTANT: If you are using Blender 3.3, you will not see a Type option here. That is fine. Just change the cut number to 0000.
Screenshot 2224
This tutorial was made with Blender 2.70. If using Blender 3.3, the Scene tab will be along the side instead of the top.
  • Under the Object Data tab, in the Vertex Groups section, delete everything listed.
Screenshot 2225
This tutorial was made with Blender 2.70. If using Blender 3.3, the Object Data tab will be along the side instead of the top.
  • Click the + to add a new group, and rename it to either b__L_Stigmata (left hand) or b__R_Stigmata (right hand)
  • Click Assign. The object will not move with the hand unless you assign it. If you don’t see the Assign button, make sure the object is still selected in Edit Mode.
Screenshot 2226
  • In the UV panel, select Open. Open the file called UVGuideForSims from the resources you downloaded at the start of the tutorial
Screenshot 2227
  • Make sure the object is still selected in Edit Mode. You should see its UV map on the UV Guide. Resize as necessary and move to fit completely inside the Hat section. R rotates, G moves, S resizes.
Screenshot 2228
  • Select UVs > Export UV Layout and save it.
Screenshot 2229
  • Open your image editing program. Open the UV layout and the object’s original texture. Move and resize the texture layer as necessary to fit perfectly over the UV map. Delete the UV layer and save as a .png file.

Final Touches

  • Open the package file containing the original CAS accessory. Import your new mesh for all LODs.
Screenshot 2233
  • Import the diffuse texture you just edited. Under Shadow and Specular, import the blank Shadow and Specular files included in the resources linked at the beginning of the tutorial.
Screenshot 2232
  • In the Categories tab, customize whatever you like. Age group, CAS category, gender, etc. I recommend unchecking Enable for Random.
Screenshot 2234
  • Save the package file, move it to your Mods folder and test in CAS. If done correctly, your accessory should be attached to the Sim’s wrist and move with the Sim.
Screenshot 2235

And now you have a new pose accessory to use in your pose sets!

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