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Sims 4 Music Mod: A Beautiful and Functional Custom Harp!

Sims 4 Music Mod

Looking for a Sims 4 music mod? You’re in the right place! The Sims 4 has been out for 9 years now and after 9 years, we’ve gotten exactly one (1) new instrument; the pipe organ from the Vampires game pack. Yes, there was also a keyboard added with the City Living expansion pack but it’s basically just a small piano.

This custom instrument comes with its own skill, new animations, custom audio, and more!

Simmers with musically-inclined Sims are understandably getting incredibly bored with the same three base game instruments and one DLC instrument after nearly a decade, so talented modders like JaneSimsten have come to the rescue with her Sims 4 music mod!

Sims 4 Music Mod: A Playable Custom Harp

sims 4 music mod
Image Credit: JaneSimsten

Jane Simsten is especially skilled at creating mods to suit historical gameplay, like this archery mod. So it’s no surprise that they would want to bring more classical music to The Sims 4 and we are totally here for it! Their mods often bring high quality custom animations, custom skills, and custom audio to the game and this Sims 4 music mod is no exception!

Laptop-Friendly Maxis Match Design

They’ve created a fully functional harp for the game! The harp is low poly (so it won’t be too hard on lower end computers), base game compatible, and has five swatches so you can fit your new harp into any room design. We love how elegant and ornate this new object looks while not being too taxing on computers to render.

harp colour swatches
Image Credit: JaneSimsten

The design of this Sims 4 music mod is solid proof that sometimes, there is the most beauty and elegance found in simplicity. It really is a beautiful addition to any home, even if your Sims don’t intend to play it! But of course, where’s the fun in that?

New Animations and Audio

A lot of thought was put into this Sims 4 music mod which is evident in the custom animations and audio. Every time your Sim sits down to play their harp, you’ll see a custom animation that’s brand new. JaneSimsten did not recycle any animations from other parts of the game. So it really does look like your Sim is playing the harp. The movements are very fluid and relaxing to watch.

harp example image
Image Credit: JaneSimsten

There’s no recycled audio, either. The music you hear coming out of this Sims 4 music mod is brand new custom harp music and as your Sim builds their skill with this classical instrument, they’ll unlock even more harp compositions to play, so you won’t get bored of hearing the same short music clip over and over again.

A Brand New Skill

A new skill, you ask? Yes, Sims can build the new Harp skill by playing the harp. The skill has 10 levels and each level unlocks new social interactions related to playing the harp, as well as new types of music that can be played on the harp. Highly skilled harp players can compose their own songs and license them just like other instruments in the game!

And if you’re wondering whether we’ve tested this Sims 4 music mod out ourselves, we sure have and we love it! In fact, I fell so in love with this harp that it’s now a permanent fixture in my game and has been featured in my Sims stories! Here’s a picture of one of my Sims playing her own harp.

a sim playing a harp

Download this Sims 4 Music Mod!


You can download the playable harp from JaneSimsten’s Patreon for free right now! Just click the download button below to be taken right to the download page!

Please note mods are not supported on consoles

Loved this Sims 4 music mod? Learn how to write and license your own songs!

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