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How to Write Songs and License Them in The Sims 4


Learn how to write your own songs in The Sims 4 and license them to earn royalties!

Did you know you can write your own songs in The Sims 4 and license your songs to earn royalty payments? It’s true! To write and license your own original songs, your Sim will need to be level 9 in any musical instrument. We’ll walk you through exactly how!

Writing Songs

The Sims 4 How to write Songs

At level 8 of any musical instrument skill, your Sim will unlock the ability to write songs. Click the instrument to do so. The process takes approximately 12 in-game hours, so your Sim will most likely need to leave their song unfinished to take care of their needs. That’s okay! Unfinished songs will be stored in your Sim’s inventory on a USB stick. When you want to resume, click the USB stick and select Resume Song.

How to Write Songs and License Them in The Sims 4

When your Sim finishes writing a song, you’ll get to name it. Finished songs will not be stored in your Sim’s inventory but don’t worry; they aren’t lost. You still have them and you can license them with a little more practice.

Licensing Songs

The Sims 4: How to License Songs

You won’t be able to license the songs you write until your Sim reaches level 9 in their instrument of choice. When your Sim unlocks the ability to license songs, it’s as easy as clicking on the mailbox!

Licensed songs will earn your Sim daily royalties for a period of time!

Did You Know?

With City Living installed, you can write lyrics at level 8 of the Singing skill as long as you are level 3 in any musical instrument!

With Get Famous installed, your Sims can earn fame for licensing songs and may even be nominated for awards!

Want to make music a career? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Careers to find out how!

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