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The Best Sims 4 Apartment Builds in the Gallery!

Sims 4 Apartment Builds

Looking for some Sims 4 apartment builds to get ready for the new For Rent expansion in December? Not to worry! Talented builders are already uploading the most beautiful multi-family dwellings to the Gallery so we can prepare our save files for when the expansion launches! We’ve gathered 10 of our favourite apartment builds from the Gallery for you right here!

Prepare for For Rent with these incredible apartment builds in the Gallery!

And if you’re worried about putting so much effort into prepping your save just to be disappointed that none of the lots you downloaded can be converted into the new Residential Rental lot type, there’s no need to fear! The SimGurus have confirmed that existing lots can be converted into Residential Rentals easily! So build and download away!

The Best Sims 4 Apartment Builds

Here are 10 of our personal favourite apartment builds in the Gallery so you can get a head start on populating your save with plenty of rental opportunities! Most of these lots come unfurnished or lightly furnished so all you decorators out there can put your own personal touch on every unit!

Bright Apartment House by SarahAmina

sims 4 apartment builds

This bright and cheerful stucco apartment complex with palm trees is absolutely perfect for a world like Del Sol Valley. We can totally see us playing out a storyline where a Sim with big dreams from a small town moves to Del Sol Valley to start their acting career and this could be the perfect first home for them to settle into. These units are amazing Sims 4 apartment builds!

Mt. Komorebi Apartments by axiisims


Mt. Komorebi is a beautiful world so it makes perfect sense to want to maximize your living space there so more of your Sims can enjoy being immersed in this world’s incredible culture. These Sims 4 apartment builds are perfect for Mt. Komorebi and even feature a back alley with some sheds which handy Sims will find incredibly useful!

Perfect Apartments by Deligracy


Deligracy is a well-known name in the Simming community and for good reason! Just look at these trendy and modern townhomes! Simmers looking for some Sims 4 apartment builds that are more contemporary in style will no doubt love the straight lines and clean angles of this lot. We particularly love the brick; it gives the buildings more curb appeal and adds texture to balance out the smooth wall coverings.

Townhouses by FarmGirlGamer


For players who prefer a more traditional style of townhomes, these Sims 4 apartment builds feature a charming little row of three attached homes that will fit right into any historic or downtown neighbourhood in many different urban worlds. We are so in love with the patio embedded into the roof of the white townhome. When can we move in?!

PaintedLadies by JamesTurnerYT


We couldn’t do an apartment Gallery showcase without including some of James Turner’s incredible builds! His Painted Ladies build is gorgeous and totally gives us The Sims 2 Apartment Life vibes. There’s space for 4 families to live on this cute little row of homes and we love the sloping driveways leading to the garage. It looks very realistic to real urban townhomes.

Modern Townhouse Shell by Miss Daywalker


Townhomes seem to be very popular in the Gallery and it’s not hard to see why! Townhouses and row houses offer the privacy of owning your own home while still being in close proximity to your neighbours and also usually closer to all the action of the city as well. These modern townhouses are a trendy statement and would fit right into a city like Evergreen Harbour.

Calloway Lux Apartments by snowdaysims


For players who want a more traditional apartment complex, these Sims 4 apartment builds are a great option! The best part about this building is the semi-covered rooftop pool and bar which all building residents can enjoy, making this building a great place for young socialites to live and meet new people.

Gated Community by MoonKittyLuna


For families with young children, safety is always a huge concern when looking for a place to live, especially when living in close quarters with the neighbours. A gated community can provide peace of mind. This gated community is perfect for families with a small playground, park, and community pool. Sims can let their kids play freely outside without worrying about any shifty folks getting in who don’t belong.

7 Home Apartment by Jigowatt85


These Sims 4 apartment builds are absolutely beautiful and the perfect place for avid gardeners who still want a taste of urban life to settle. Why? Because this building boasts a covered rooftop garden that’s accessible to all residents! Each unit is also nice and spacious with several bedrooms so there’s space for everyone.

Eco Twin Houses by Eldircora


Eco-conscious Sims will find the perfect place to call home with these Sims 4 apartment builds. This pair of eco homes are fully detached so you have your privacy and is well equipped for modern sustainable living without sacrificing any of the comforts we’ve grown used to. They’ll look perfect in Evergreen Harbour!

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