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Introducing A New Sims 4 Family Tree App

Sims 4 Family Tree App

When the news regarding The Plum Tree App was shared with the community, players not only felt sad to see the popular app would be closing down shortly but many also wondered what would happen with their Sims 4 Family Trees.

For many players, especially those who play with multiple families and numerous generations The Plum Tree app has been an excellent companion for documenting their families. While there are some alternatives out there that players could move their Sims 4 Family Trees to. there wasn’t anything quite tailored to The Sims experience.

However, that’s all about to change with the launch of the Sims Legacy Hub!

Sims 4 Family Tree
The Sims Legacy Hub

Who is Behind The Sims Legacy Hub?

In light of the upcoming closure of The Plum Tree App, avid The Sims players TheAwfulGaymer and PacificCreative alongside developer DevPacific knew they could put their skills and knowledge to create what is going to be Sims Legacy Hub. Knowing how important Sims 4 Family Trees are to players, they identified a way they could support the community when the current app closes.

What is Sims Legacy Hub?

Sims Legacy Hub is essentially a new, upcoming way that players can document their Sims 4 Family Trees. With a way that you can track your families for three or more generations, an easy-to-navigate free-flow design to fully customize your Sims 4 Family Tree experience. Additionally, you’ll be able to easily upload both screenshots and photos as well as an easy-to-access navigation menu. Finally, customization with the Sims Legacy Hub will allow players to add their Sims names, life stages, pronouns, occult options and more!

Video Walkthrough

Want to catch a glimpse as to what you can expect from this new upcoming Sims 4 Family Tree app? Well, you’re in luck! The creators of the Sims Legacy Hub have a short overview of what you can expect when the app launches in December!

Sims 4 Family Tree System Requirements

As the Sims Legacy Hub is a web-based application, there will be no system requirements other than having access to the internet via a web browser.

Will It Cost To Use?

While this new Sims 4 Family Tree app will be free to use, the Sims Legacy Hub does give players an option of an affordable paid version too. The paid option will include enhanced customization, cloud saving, branding opportunities and ways to elevate player’s levels of personalization.

Here’s a closer look at the price plans for Sims Legacy Hub!

Plan TypeAccess TypeNumber of TreesNumber of SimsCloud Save (Yes/No)Sharable Tree/Profile LinksPrice Per Month (in USD)
FreeFree1300Browser Cache OnlyNo$0
ProPro3400 Pre TreeCloud SaveYes$2.99
Premium Premium5400 Per TreeCloud Save Yes$3.99

Upon the launch of the Sims Legacy Hub, users will be able to access a free 7-day trial. At the end of the trial, users can continue to use the free plan or upgrade to one of the two paid plans.

There are also ways that the community can support Sims Legacy Hub via the project’s merchandise store.

All proceeds made towards the Sims Legacy Hub will be going towards the ongoing development and support of the application.

When Does The Sims Legacy Hub Launch?

The Sims Legacy Hub launched to all on Friday 1st December 2023! That means you can start creating your family trees right now!

You can also sign up for the mailing list over on the Sims Legacy Hub website as well as join their newsletter.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming release of the Sims Legacy Hub! Stay tuned to their website for more updates!

To find out more about the upcoming closure of The Plum Tree App and what you can do to download your family trees before time runs out!

We’ll be back with more about the Sims Legacy Hub when it launches in December. In the meantime, stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest news and information from The Sims franchise.

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