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The Sims 4 For Rent Pool Party: Have a Splashing Fun Time!

Sims 4 For Rent Pool Party

Host a Sims 4 For Rent pool party in the latest expansion to make friends, frolic in the water, increase your unit rating and even win a pretty awesome gold level reward! If you’re wondering how to prepare for and throw an amazing Sims 4 For Rent pool party, we’ve got you covered!

Sims 4 For Rent Pool Party Guide

Throw a Sims 4 For Rent pool party the neighbours won’t soon forget!

We’ll walk you through this new social event from start to finish, from recommended objects to have the best possible Sims 4 For Rent pool party ever, to all the goals you need to complete, and all the rewards for finishing this social event at bronze, silver, and gold levels.

The Sims 4 For Rent Pool Party Guide

With the help of our guide, your Sims will be pool party pros and become the talk of the whole town!

Host a Pool Party

Host a Pool Party

Firstly, to throw a pool party, have any adult Sim in your household use the Social app on their cell phone to Start a Social Event. Select the Pool Party event and decide whether you want to throw a goaled event or not. Goaled events come with event goals to complete and rewards for finishing the event at bronze, silver, or gold level. If you do not check the box for a goaled event, the pool party will be a generic event with no goals and no rewards. If Seasons is installed, goaled events cannot be hosted on a holiday.

Once you’ve selected the pool party event, choose the host, the guest list, and the mixologist (if desired). A pool party must have at least 1 host and 4 guests. Hired roles are optional. Then pick the location of the party.

While most social events can be hosted just about anywhere, a pool party won’t be much of a pool party without a pool. You can host a Sims 4 For Rent pool party on a lot that does not have a pool, but it should go without saying that it will be a very disappointing party for your guests. Additionally, there are other objects that will aid you in hosting a great pool party.

A Sim in a Hot Tub

For the best pool party experience, make sure the lot where you are hosting your pool party has the following:

  • Pool
  • Hot Tub (ideally upgraded with a built-in stereo)
  • Stereo (ideally placed near the hot tub if it hasn’t been upgraded with a stereo)
  • Pool Floats
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Bar

These objects will help you complete many of The Sims 4 For Rent pool party goals.

Pool Party Goals

When the event starts, the guests will show up on the lot. Everyone involved with the event will change into their swimwear. If you chose not to have a goaled event, you are free to do whatever you like until the event timer ends. However, if you chose a goaled event, there are some unique goals to complete.

A Sim relaxing on a pool floatie

Main Goal: Socialise while swimming (x5)

Other Goals:

  • Socialise by poolside
  • Go swimming (x5)
  • Thank a guest for coming
  • Relax on a float lounger or lounge chair
  • Have drinks (x3)
  • Listen to music in hot tub
  • Socialise in hot tub
  • Complain about weather

Pool Party Rewards

The pool party rewards are a bit different from social event rewards in previous packs or the base game. Sims are only rewarded with a new object for hosting a gold level pool party. Finishing this event at the bronze or silver level yields no object rewards but your Sims will gain a small boost to their unit rating.

Pool Party Reward Object

The reward for completing a Sims 4 For Rent pool party social event at the gold level is a pretty cool-looking pool floatie, which comes in five swatches, most of which are fun patterns. Your Sims will also receive a large boost to their unit rating.

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