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OFFICIAL LEAK: The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit

sims 4 castle kit leak

Happy New Year Simmers!

We may only be nine days into a new year but we have our first The Sims 4 leak of the year. Incidentally, this leak comes from the EA App!

The Community Vote

Back in May 2023, the community were presented with several potential Kit themes for new content that could be released in 2024. One Create A Sim focused and another focused on Building.

The community voted between the Create A Sim themes of Rainbow Core and Goth Fashion and the Building themes of Medieval Castle and High Tech Futurism.

In late June 2023, it was revealed that the two winning Kits were Goth Fashion and Medieval Castle. Since their announcement, things have been a little quiet about both Kits other than development was going well.

You can read more about both of these Kits and the Community Vote here.

New The Sims 4 Kit: Title and Release Date

Prior to rolling into the new year, players were aware that two community-voted Kits would be released this year. The first of two Kits that will be coming this year will be The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit! Sadly, at the time of writing the only hint of a release date is 15th October, 2099. Note that this release date could just be a placeholder date until we know more.

This leak was spotted by the eagle-eyed X (formerly Twitter) user Rechiputa who shared images of the leak on the social media platform. It was also confirmed by many other players on the platform who shared similar posts and images from the EA App.

castle estate 1

The Kit will also be retailing at its usual price of £4.99/your regional equivalent. If you are an EA Play member, you will get 10% off of the pack price as displayed in the image above.

First Peek at The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit

As this listing has appeared via the EA App, lucky players have been able to take a sneak peek at two promotional images for the Kit in question.

castle estate 2

The two images give us a glimpse of some of the new objects that we can expect to see in the upcoming Kit. As well as a lovely candid moment between everyone’s favourite Goth’s, Bella & Mortimer.

Official Description and Features

Included in the official EA App listing for The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit, we have a description that outlines what we can expect.

castle estate 5
The leaked description for The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit on the EA App

Read the full description below!

“Capture the classic grandeur of a castle with The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit. This community-voted collection features stone walls, leaded glasse and everything you need to create the perfect dramatic backdrop for your next story.

Build Something Grand – Get inspired by the majesty of castles, and build gothic arches, stackable ornate windows, grand staircases, gorgeous stonework and a large portcullis gate. It’s all about the gravitas.

Gotta Love a Classic – Parapets, stained glass, arrow slits and even a gargoyle are among the classical details that will make your manor magnificent.”

via EA App/The Sims

Thoughts & Opinions?

While this is merely one of the two community-voted Kits, is this what you expected for this theme? When do you think they will launch? What will you be building first with this Kit when it is released? Regardless of the question, let us know them as well as your current thoughts in the comments below!

There you have it, fellow Simmers! The air is thick with anticipation, and the Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack has us eagerly waiting for December. But let’s always keep in mind that this leak is still, you know, a leak. But if it turns out to be true, December is going to be an absolute treat for all of us. For now, let’s hold onto our plumbobs and eagerly await more info on Sims Community News!

We’ll be bringing you all the latest news and information about this upcoming Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit and more right here on Sims Community!

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