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Exciting News! Paralives Gameplay is Being Unveiled for the First Time!

paralives live mode reveal

Paralives gameplay is finally on the horizon! In recent years, it seems like numerous companies are trying to compete directly with The Sims with their own brand of life simulation games. Unfortunately, we have yet to see most of those games see the light of day, with Paralives still being in early development after several years and Life by You’s early access release date being postponed… again. Will we ever get a good competitor to The Sims?

Paralives Gameplay Reveal

Tune in to see Paralives gameplay TOMORROW!

Well, according to Paralives, we might be closer than we think to seeing a decent competitor actually launch. The official Paralives account on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, just posted a teaser image with a big announcement regarding live mode!

Paralives Gameplay Gets Unveiled at Last

If you’ve been waiting to see Paralives in action outside of build mode and character creation, you’re in for a treat! Read on to find out exactly when and where to see Paralives unveil its Live Mode for the first time!

The Announcement

Paralives announced on X that they will be hosting a showcase of Live Mode! This is exciting news because up until now, players really have not seen Live Mode at all. All the previews for the game have been build mode and character creation previews with very limited footage of anything outside of that. This has made a lot of players skeptical of the game, pointing out the lack of gameplay shown.

That could all change very soon, however! We’ll be getting an up close and personal look at Paralives gameplay very shortly and we’re sure many folks out there have high hopes for this upcoming showcase.

Where to Watch

Paralives will be hosting their Live Mode showcase on their YouTube channel. Make sure to tune in! You can watch it up above right here on our website or directly on YouTube.

If you want to be notified when the showcase starts, don’t forget to hit the notification bell icon on YouTube to be sent a reminder!

When to Watch

The Live Mode showcase is officially starting at 11AM (ET) on February 7th, 2024 (tomorrow!) so make sure to be online then if you want to catch the showcase immediately.

Don’t worry if you miss it! You can always catch the recap later on right here or on YouTube!

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