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Sims 4 Crystal Creations: All About Brilliant Gemstones!

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A beloved feature from The Sims 3 returns in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations in the form of brilliant gemstones! Sims can once again cut the crystals they find into a variety of gorgeous gemstone shapes, ranging from hearts to skulls to plumbobs and even crystal gnomes!

Sims 4 Crystal Creations Gemstone Guide 19

Make the most of gemstones in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations

Gemstones are not only beautiful display pieces but they have an interesting effect when charged. Just like crafted jewellery pieces, gemstones can be charged under the moon on a crystal grid but their effect works slightly different from the effects of a worn jewellery piece.

Sims 4 Crystal Creations Gemstone Guide

In this Sims 4 Crystal Creations guide, you’ll learn all about the different gemstone shapes, how to cut them, and how they work differently from worn jewellery pieces. Essentially, gemstones are more powerful than a worn piece of jewellery!

Gemstone Shapes

As you level up in the new Gemology skill, your Sims will be able to cut the crystals they collect into stunning works of art called gemstones in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations. There are a total of 11 different gemstone shapes you can cut. You can take a look at each gemstone cut down below. Sims will need to build the Gemology skill to cut all the gemstone shapes.

The examples above show the gemstones cut out of a diamond but depending on what type of crystal you use to cut the gemstone, the colour and effects of that gemstone will differ according to the colour and effects of the crystal that was used to cut that gemstone.

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Room of all gemstone variants by odaphii in The Sims 4 Gallery

The shape of gemstone you select does not have any effect on its powers; it’s purely aesthetic preference. Only the type of crystal you use for the gemstone will change the gemstone’s effects. For example, a heart shaped ruby gemstone will have the same effects as a star shaped ruby when charged. It’s what the gemstone is made out of that matters, not the shape of the gemstone. The only (and big) exception to this is the gemstone seed shape, but more on that soon!

Gemstone Effects

So we’ve talked at length about gemstone shapes and that their effects on Sims differ slightly from crafted jewellery made from the same crystals. You might be wondering how are gemstone effects different from jewellery effects in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations?

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Well, think of crystal jewellery as affecting the wearer only. When you create a necklace, set of earrings, bracelet, or ring using a crystal and you charge that piece of jewellery, only the Sim wearing that piece of jewellery will gain the effects of the charged crystal that was used to make it. It’s on that person’s body so only that person is affected.

The neat thing about gemstones in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations is that they have an area of effect. Because they are primarily display pieces not intended to be worn, if you charge a gemstone made from a crystal, all Sims that are near that gemstone gain the effects of that crystal. These effects persist until the Sims are no longer near the gemstone or until the gemstone loses its charge. For this reason, gemstones are more useful for affecting groups of Sims rather than just one Sim.

Sims 4 Crystal Creations Gemstone Guide 5

It’s important to note that the effect itself does not change. For example, a charged gemstone made from hematite and a charged necklace made from hematite both ensure that the affected Sim(s) cannot die. The only difference is that all Sims near the hematite gemstone will be immune to death, while only the Sim wearing the necklace will be immune to death.

The Gemstone Seed

We mentioned earlier that the seed shaped gemstone is an anomaly of sorts and doesn’t follow the same rules as other gemstones. That’s because the seed shaped gemstone serves an important and unique purpose apart from just sitting around looking pretty.

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Any type of crystal can be cut into a seed shaped gemstone but the seed shaped gemstone will always appear the same in colour no matter what crystal it’s made out of. The seed shaped gemstone is also… plantable! Yep! It’s a literal seed you can plant in your garden like any other seed! What does it grow into? A crystal tree!

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The crystal tree is not only gorgeous but incredibly valuable to collectors and jewellery crafters because as you might have guessed, you can harvest crystals from it daily. Every day at 5am when plants respawn their harvestables, the crystal tree will spawn a random assortment of crystals for your Sims to collect. You never know which crystals you’ll get that day but they will range from Common to Rare. If you want to ensure you get rarer crystals more often, focus on caring for your crystal tree so you can evolve it to the highest quality. Perfect quality crystal trees yield rarer crystals.

Sims 4 Crystal Creations Gemstone Guide 30

Having a perfect quality crystal tree in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations can help your Sims keep a good stock of rare crystals without having to sink so much time into hunting them down out in the world. This means they can spend more time crafting jewellery and gemstones and less time looking for the crystals to make them so it’s definitely worth having a crystal tree in your garden!

Want to learn more about each crystal and their unique effects when charged? Check out our full crystal guide!

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