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The Sims 4: More information about the World Builder!

Talented modder @ZerbuTabek found a reference in the source code to ”World Builder Mode” in The Sims 4’s game files!


Back in October, we found 2 interesting icons that are possibly related to this Mode.

world1 world2

SimGuruZera asked  on The Sims Forums about what options and features do we want to modify our worlds and confirmed that they’re already working on some of the World Editing features!

Tell us the features you most want to change your World. We have ideas, we have things a spinnin’, but we want to hear from you first hand. What can we do to help you make your The Sims 4 Worlds the best ever?


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  • I really want beaches back! Now we have pools and swimwear 😀 and weather of course 😀 For those beautiful sunny days! 😀

  • I miss most the color wheel and ponds in my yard and sometimes I miss the move objects on cheat also placing lots to build on 🙂

  • why is the sims 4 worold have a flat background and and sims 3 didnt it kinda i cool thing witch didnt make me a little sad but it is annoying.. i loved the sims 1 2 3 but im kind not sure on sims 4 .. xx

  • Even though I love the sims 4 (playing it as much as my brain lets me) there is a couple of things I seriously miss in this very cool edition of the sims. The abillity to add your own pattern to for instance walls or furniture (Or clothing!!). It is really a pain to select a bit of a fitting look with the current way of things. It is workable though but still. I do know, there will be more to come in patterns most likely, but it would be cool if one could create ones own at times too.
    I also miss the abillity to add lots for houses and stores inworld yourself. You will have to make do with the amount of what you currently get in a world like Oasis Springs or Willow Creek, but it is, in all honesty, not a lot you actually are able to do. I would really LOVE if there was an abillity made that one could once again, create ones own area’s. Even if on a small scale as that we have currently. Neighbourhoods instead of entire worlds. If only that would already be possible I would be an extreem happy camper.

    Oh and you know… since the first edition of expention pack that brought animals in the game I was hoping for the job of vetrenarian. That would be really ticking a checkmark of my long term wants list 🙂

    However with all my desires that I may have and would like to see happen… I really love what you people that have created sims to what they are now, have done. It is such a huge improvement, I absolutely love sims 4 just as I love the other versions too. In short… You guys have pulled it off again, another great edition of the Sims made!!! Thank you!

  • It would be really nice to add additional lots to existing worlds. If you want a robust, bustling community, there are limited slots (i.e. Newcrest), and by the time you add a few good community lots, there isn’t much room to expand the residential neighborhood! I’m a long time Simmer so I remember the days when you could edit and manage neighborhoods and worlds to your heart’s content. With all the cool new design tools, it’s frustrating to be so limited in Sims 4. 🙁

    For travel, are we limited only to other neighborhoods (called “Worlds” in Sims 4)? I miss China, Egypt and France. 🙂