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The Sims 4 Pets: New Animation Codes for Cats and Dogs!

Modder TwistedMexi uncovered some interesting information regarding Cats and Dogs in The Sims 4 game files. According to his finding, these pets will be able to walk on the following objects:

  • Counters
  • Bars
  • Fridge
  • Tables
  • Beds

He did not find any more pet-supported surfaces that your Pets will be able to walk on but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any more in the upcoming Pets pack.

Here’s a small excerpt from the code which only mentions Cats and Dogs. The more code about Pets get leaked the more evidence we have that this Pack will primarily focus on Cats and Dogs:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<I c=”SurfacePortalDefinition” i=”snippet” m=”snippets” n=”surfacePortalDefinition_Bar” s=”155512″>
  <U n=”value”>
    <L n=”animation_mapping”>
        <E n=”key”>CAT</E>
        <U n=”value”>
          <T n=”factory”>151822</T>
        <E n=”key”>DOG</E>
        <U n=”value”>
          <T n=”factory”>151822</T>
    <L n=”portal_pairs”>
        <U n=”portal_end_offset”>
          <T n=”y”>-0.25</T>
        <U n=”portal_start_offset”>
          <T n=”x”>0</T>
          <T n=”y”>-1</T>

For more information about Pets and all the leaks we have so far, check out our The Sims 4 Pets Category!

Source: SimsVIP

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  • I really hope it’s not just cats and dogs. I’ll get the pack regardless, but I’ll be so disappointed.

    • Horses are also suppose to be part of the EP. We haven’t seen what other possible animals will come but I also will be purchasing when Pets is available.

      • Was there code found for horses as well? Even then, that doesn’t interest me as much as a small mammal, bird or reptile would. But I suppose it gives me hope for them adding farms…

        • I think they will make different pack for horses, bec there hasn’t been any coding with horses. With a GP focusing on horses and farm (farm animals too) they could make really good pack.

          • Oh God I hope not. Whilst that is a good idea for a GP, we shouldn’t have to be paying for all of that separately. As an EP, I feel like that should all come in one. If they put farms in the EP, it allows them to add a new world, and maybe make it so you can only build farms in that world, like the way there are only apartments in San Myshuno. UNLESS, Pets won’t be an EP, but I highly doubt that. Worst case scenario, farms aren’t an option, but all animals should be available in one pack, in my opinion.

          • Actually, putting horses as a GP with farming stuff could be a good idea. They can be completely fleshed out. And managing a farm would give my poor sims something to do.

            Though Annan is right. Might be too costly with the EP and the GP for some folks.

  • I’m still holding out that Pets and Seasons will be a free update. I just don’t see why the devs would put this much code into the game to have it be released as paid DLC.

    • It wouldn’t make sense for EA, as a business, to do that especially since Pets and Seasons were always paid items and both popular. Maybe they’ll have light rain as a free update or something similar to how they did free and paid lot traits. Also, they put in codes like this before for past releases within updates. It’s nothing new. For the Vampires, we had the walking style animation and some codings weeks before release, for example. From what I read it’s suppose to cut down on download time for the finish product if they put in parts of the coding within updates into the game during development.

  • Probably the pack will only be released at Christmas time cause, yeah, we know how it works…

  • I expect Sims 4 Pets in Fall/Winter. Christmas will boost sales, would make sence for such a highly anticipated expansion. My guess : September-December 2017.

  • I was just playing sims and my sim likes the piano. Is it just me or does the city living piano make cat and dog noises?

  • Not sure if anyone else made the discovery or not… I’m currently playing Sims 4 at the moment and exploring the new ‘Parenthood’ pack. There’s a childs doctor playset that reads ” Tum Tum Teddy is perfect for a child debating becoming a doctor or BECOMING A VETERINARIAN”… Is this another clue for us indicating the imminent approach of Sims Pets?? If so being a vet would be amazing!! A lot like the old Sims 2 Pets on Nintendo DS 😀