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The Sims 4: Premium Membership Details + Icon

Update: @SimmerTiago has let us know that they found a Sims 4 Premium golden logo in a FNAC store in France. Does this mean we’ll get to purchase the Premium Membership in retail stores as well?


After The Sims Team released a Career Patch for The Sims 4 in mid-December, I noticed a rather interesting, golden Plumbob icon (that we added down below) in the game files. After digging through The Sims 4’s updated string files to find a meaning of it, a few lines have caught my eye:

– Congratulations, you are now a Premium Member!

– We’ll notify you when new items become available.

– New items are available in your game!

– To find your items, look for the gold flag icon in Create A Sim or Build Mode.


It’s not the first time we’re hearing information about The Sims 4 Premium Membership though. Back in July The Sims Developers ”accidentally” leaked a text for 2-3 describing this Membership.

Considering the fact that The Sims 4’s newly announced Game Pack called Outdoor Retreat will hit the digital shelves in January 2015, we yet have to find out how will TS4 Premium Membership relate with Expansion, Game and Stuff Packs or will they have any connections at all, but one thing is certain – this membership will bring new Objects for your Sims!

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