Outdoor Retreat The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat: Twitter Tidbits

SimGurus shared a bunch of new information on Twitter about The Sims 4’s latest Game Pack – Outdoor Retreat! Some of these Tweets mention how this Pack will only be available for digital purchase and not retail and SimGuruSarah also reveals that we’re getting a new NPC with this pack – a bear!

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  • See this worries me. In the past if you had a base game from a country (USA) then wanted to buy expansions, etc you had to buy it from your base games country. Since I live in Germany as well, this was a problem as none of the games EA makes is compatible. So I had to always find a way to get someone in America to buy my expansions, etc so that it would be compatible with my base game. So my fear here is that since I have a USA base game again, when they do this and force us to buy it as dlc, will I be able to get it if I am in Germany AND if so, will it be compatible as Origin knows what country you are in and forces you to buy your games, dlc, etc in that currency and in the past, they were not compatible. If you did not have a European base game you were screwed unless you had a way to get them from overseas. Now with Origin and forcing me to buy dlc instead, I am scared I will no longer have access to content that will be compatible with my base game. Does that make sense? :-((