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How to extract Music and Soundtrack from The Sims 3


In this article I’ll be teaching you how to extract Soundtrack and Music from The Sims 3. For this process you will need:

Step 1 – Organizing the tool folders

After downloading the required tools for extracting music, you’ll need to lay them out specifically. Create a folder that’s meant for extracting music, and extract the Package Editor files there (I advise you to put all those files inside a new folder). Then, create a folder where you’ll extract the EALayer decoder + .package files for decoding.


Step 2 – Locating and extracting the AUD files

Open s3pe.exe and select File > Open. Locate where your The Sims 3 game is installed. If you have The Sims 3 installed through Origin, you’ll need to figure out where Origin installs your games by going to Origin > Application Settings > Advanced > Downloaded Games.

If, for example, you’re looking for music from The Sims 3 Base Game, go to The Sims 3 > GameData > Shared > Packages. There you’ll see several .package files that are marked with DeltaBuild and FullBuild. DeltaBuild packages contain content that have been patched in The Sims 3 Base Game, while FullBuild packages contain original content from the Base Game. For this tutorial, we’re going to open up FullBuild1 (which is the only .package in this folder that contains actual Music/Soundtrack).

At first, you’re gonna see bunch of files with all sorts of tags such as _VID, _AUD, _IMG and so on. What you need to do is filter out the _AUD tag so that other files don’t stand in your way. You can do so by writing _AUD in the Tag field below (and checking the Tag box), checking the Filter Active box and pressing the Set button.


Let’s say I want to extract Map View soundtrack. I select all 4 Sims3_Map files, hit the right click and select Export > To file… . As these files require decoding, you’ll want to extract them to the Decoder folder where you extracted those zipped files.


Step 3 – Decoding the .SNS files

Your Decoder folder should look something like this:


Now that you have all your desired Soundtrack and Music pieces extracted, open up the Start.cmd file and let the command executer do its thing.


After you’re done, feel free to remove unecessary .SNS files.

Step 4 – Tidying up the song files

There really isn’t an easy way to find the names of the music you extracted. The method I use is open The Sims 3, go to Options > Music and find the music files that are matching.

When it comes to the size of these songs, you should consider reducing the quality from 1411kbps to 192kbps. You can use Audacity, Adobe Audition or similar programs to achieve that.

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