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Simmer Q&A: Five Minutes with Rory Plays The Sims

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Welcome to another Simmer Q&A where we take five minutes to get to know another member of our community and share some of their aweSIM content with you. This week we are joined by the fabulous Rory who hosts YouTube channel Rory Plays The Sims! We have been so excited to chat with her and absolutely love her Lets Plays! We asked her all about her simming journey and what started it all.

Q1.) OK so first things first we have to know what got started playing The Sims and which version did you begin with?
I was in college when the first Sims game released and I wanted to take a break from studying so I bought the game and took it home. Hours passed before I realized I hadn’t studied a thing for a test the next day. It was then I realized how much fun and how amazing The Sims is! It’s been amazing to watch this game evolve for 16 years!
Q2.) It sure has! Now we noticed you have a fantastic selection of videos on your YouTube channel featuring a range of awesome challenges, which series has been your favorite to record so far? 
My favorite Challenge that I have recorded would have to be The Disney Princess Bachelor Challenge as it was my first ever Let’s Play. It holds a special place in my heart.
Q3.) It’s one of our favorites too! Now we also noticed you have covered a few TS4 content reviews, what would you consider to be your favorite expansion/game/stuff pack so far? 
By far my favorite Stuff Pack would have to be the Movie Hangout Stuff! I love the bright bohemian furniture and the movies that came with the pack are awesome! Have you seen the one with the pink chainsaw bunny?! Cracks me up every time!
Q4.) Hehe! So I am sure you will agree we have had some fantastic content within The Sims 4 so far but we want to know if you have anything you would like to see, anything you are wishing for?

I’ve really enjoyed the content that EA has released so far for The Sims! I would love to see a Vacation Themed Pack. Tropical beaches… Oh… Wait! Seasons! I miss the Festivals and the weather! I really do miss the perspective of time passing as the seasons change.

Q5.) Fingers crossed we see seasons soon! Now in the latest patch update we saw a new challenge added – The Growfruit Challenge, have you been growing some delicious growfruit and collecting those eggs? Let us know if you have managed to unlock any goodies too!

I have been having so much fun with the Spring Challenge! I did a live stream on Twitch where we found all of the eggs, (including rare ones) we grew gorgeous Growfuit trees, and unlocked some fancy new planters! I loved seeing the Growfuit trees at night! So beautiful!

Q6.) They really are stunning at night! Finally we would like to know if you have any upcoming sims adventures, do you have any new challenges lined up? Your channel looks fantastic so far and we are always keen to hear about upcoming content from our simmers!

I have so many fun adventures lined up; I’m really excited to get started! Upcoming Challenges include, The Runaway Teen Challenge, The Drifter Challenge, and a few surprise Challenges! Indie gaming will always be a feature on my Channel and I’m also excited to announce that console gaming will be coming to my Channel!

We really enjoyed getting to know Rory and can’t wait to see her future simming adventures, we also have a taster video below from her fantastic Asylum Challenge! Be sure to check out Rory’s channel and twitter, we will leave the links at the end of this interview:

Rory’s Quick Fire Questions
Summer or Winter – Winter! I love rainy days cuddled with a good book and a cat!
DVD or Cinema – Twitch and YouTube! I rarely watch movies.
Facebook or Twitter – Twitter!
Morning or Night – Night! I love to be curled up with a good book and a cat! (I’m seeing a theme here!)
Ice Cream or Chocolate – White Chocolate! Yum!

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