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The Sims 4: Builders are not forgotten!

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There’s no denying that The Sims Team is very generous recently in terms of new gameplay for The Sims 4. Problem is, some players who prefer building over playing The Sims 4 still find that the Build Mode is lacking some content and features.

SimGuruHouts wrote a quick post saying that they didn’t forget about builders and that they have a list of build-related features that they want to add to the game.

We have a list of build-related stuff we want to add to the game. Can’t give more details or timelines for when you’ll see stuff, but hang in there, I promise you haven’t been forgotten!

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After the Toddlers update, it certainly feels like The Sims Team is actually listening to us. Let’s hope that they continue with this overwhelming generosity and deliver great build content in 2017!

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