The Sims 4 Vampires: SimGuruNinja Explains Powers and Weaknesses


SimGuruNinja explained how Vampire Powers and Weaknesses function in The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack. He also added that some powers and weaknesses can be leveled up which will further boost the effect! Check out what he said:

  • Doing Vampire stuff gets you Vampire Experience (VXP) & Power Points.
  • VXP gain unlocks tiers of Powers to choose from.
  • Power Points are used to actually purchase the powers (each power costs some amount of Power Points).
  • You can spend freely in any of the unlocked tiers (for example, you can buy all the tier 1 powers, buy all the tier 2 powers, or mix and match between the tiers).
  • Each time your VXP unlocks a new tier, you’ll be required to take on a new weakness.
  • Super smart Vampires (ones that have done their due diligence regarding studying Vampire Lore) may know how to reconfigure their Powers/Weaknesses.

Some of the Powers & Weaknesses can be leveled up for further effect. For example: I’ve already purchased “Occult Student” which means I’ll spend less Vampiric Energy when using my Powers. I can spend additional Power Points to level this up and it’ll become “Occult Disciple” which will further reduce my Vampiric Energy expenditure.

Some Weaknesses also allow 3 tiers of development.

The Sims 4 Vampires: SimGuruNinja Explains Powers and Weaknesses

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