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The Sims 4 Vampires: Livestream Facts and Screens

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Note: Everything covered here was mentioned in the live stream so if anything else has been mentioned elsewhere, but not on this list, it’s because they didn’t discuss it.

The Vampire Game pack Livestream was hosted by SimGurus George, Ninja, Megs and Emory!


  • You make a vampire the same way as a sim or alien. Vampires have 2 forms like aliens, it’s a hidden form in the sense of things again like how aliens can change form. The vampire parts are available on human and normal form sims too. You don’t have to have 2 forms you can delete one if you so choose.
  • Eye colours, some are full eye colours and some glow in the dark.
  • Detailed brows inspired by Buffy
  • Dark circles like a corpse
  • Skin cracks and scars
  • Veins inspired by Vampire Diaries
  • All skin extras work with makeup
  • Various types of fangs and ears


  • 2 Eye shadows, 1 new lipstick,
  • There are pre-made vampire looks to easily ‘vamp’ them up
  • 5 Hair styles, most have accessories with them attached
  • 1 Earring set and 2 necklaces and 1 new bracelet
  • 2 Dresses 1 Female suit
  • 4 Tops
  • 5 Leggings
  • 3 Trousers and 1 skirt

Female Kids:

  • 1 Dress
  • 2 Hair styles


  • 3 Shirts
  • 1 Top hat
  • 5 Full body suits
  • 2 Trousers

Male Kids:

  • 1 Suit
  • 1 Hairstyle

As a note: They didn’t show off male hair styles and accessories hence they aren’t noted

Build / Buy

  • Victorian inspiration
  • Statues / Gargoyles: They have a pedestal then you can add the statue on top to mix and match
  • Bassinet has a baby bat hanging over it (It’s super cute and can be used with humans)
  • A few new styles of paintings which when you change the frame colour the picture changes
  • New Sofas
  • New Fireplace
  • New Clocks
  • New Curtains
  • Spider Web decals and cracks for the walls and floors. All free and for decoration purposes.
  • Tombstone are decorative objects only but you can engrave them like a normal tombstone
  • Plasma Fruit tree – Glows in the dark
  • Bearculia – A vampire bat like teddy kids can talk with.
  • 3 Types of coffins, lower, middle and high end.
  • New curtain bed
  • New tassel lamp
  • New windows and doors,
  • Wallpapers and carpets
  • Venus Fly Trap

Traits / Lot Traits / Skills

3 New Aspirations

  • Vampire Family aspiration – This Sim wants to create a family of vampires
  • Master Vampire – This Sim wants to become a wise and powerful Vampire
  • Good Vampire – This Sim wants to control their thirst and remain as human as possible


3 New Lot Traits

  • Registered vampire Lair: A lot registers as a vampire lair. The League will send various gifts from time to time. Through the mail, no less. Even the immortals use the public mail service.
  • On A Dark Ley Line: The dark energy here has an impact on all nocturnal activities. You can expect babies conceived here to require extra care while teething.
  • Vampire Nexus: A dark void envelopes this lot in the upside down. Vampires are more likely to visit the area.

2 New Skills

  • Organ Skill – 10 Levels
  • Vampire Lore Skill – 15 Levels (Done through reading books about vampires and also going on the computer)

Game Play

  • Organ is its own skill to full 10 level, lots of different music variation and can hire someone to play it
  • Coffin object can be used to hibernate a vampire Sim which means they sleep for an extended period of time without waking, used to raise the vampire energy.
  • Vampires can also have daymares when they sleep during the day.


Interacting with humans (Some of these might be due to the vampire powers chosen for this sim shown on stream)

  • Drink Plasma (Ask for permission to Drink, Drain Life Spirit, Compel for a Deep Drink and Compel for a small Drink.)
  • Cause Hallucinations
  • Irresistible Slumber
  • Turn into Vampire
  • Mesmerise
  • Deprive Needs
  • Command (A vampire with the command power can command sims and other vampires)

New Drinks

  • Plasma Jane (named after a bloody mary)
  • Vampire resistance cocktail (Stops vampires drinking from a human, only humans can drink)
  • Sunlight reversal cocktail (When you go in the sun it helps you regain energy)
  • Draught of Reconfiguration

New food

  • Plasma Fruit Salad

Other Notes:

  • They don’t like garlic which is a purchasable item that you can decorate a house in
  • Vampire related interactions are marked with a bat symbol
  • When turning a Sim into a Vampire they will slowly starve over a day and a half or so before turning.
  • There is a vampire Cure


  • They don’t need to go to the bathroom
  • Vampire Energy is fulfilled by sleeping but also used for vampire powers and is affected by sunlight which makes it drain.
  • NPC Vampires won’t turn and bite people when not controlled by the player

Deaths / Babies

  • Vampires can be cured and made into a human. One way is for 2 vampires to have a fight and the winner will throw the cure in the others face rendering them human. One of the Sims must have the cure in their inventory
  • When both parents are vampires, a vampire child is assured but when one parent is a human it’s a 50/50 chance unless you have the On A Dark Ley Line Lot Trait then it’s a slightly higher chance for vampire children.
  • Vampire woohoo can also be done in Bat form but also in coffins. It was hinted when you conceive a baby through the bat woohoo something special will happen.
  • When a Vampire dies from sunlight they begin to set on fire and eventually turn black with ash and die. Also a new vampire urn with a bat on the top of it.

Forgotten Hollow

  • Always Misty, clears mostly during the day
  • Days are shorter and nights longer
  • Not as bright as the other towns
  • 4 Houses, 2 occupied and 1 empty lot
  • Out in the lake, there is something hidden in the reeds on the little island
  • Has many spots for story telling backdrops

Overall the pack looks very exciting with much more things left to discover and explore!

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