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The Sims 4 Update: 17th Anniversary T-Shirt

To celebrate The Sims Franchise’s 17th Anniversary, The Sims Team added a new T-Shirt to The Sims 4 for Sims of all ages, including Children and Toddlers.

This T-Shirt contains iconic mascots that are very popular in the simming community such as the Llama, Freezer Bunny, Cowplant and so on.

It comes in 3 variations:

There’s even a number 17 on the back of this t-shirt:

If you’re wondering how it looks on Children and Toddlers, here you go:

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  • It cool that we get another clothing item, but it’s kinda lame that this is what we get for the 17th anniversary. And for me personally, it’s more lame because I’ll probably never use this for any of my sims. It would have been nice if they have given us a couple of items rather than one t-shirt that I will never use. I don’t doubt other people will use it, but this shirt isn’t going to appeal to all.

  • Where can I find it? It’s nowhere to be found in my game… although I can see the rest of the update (new main screen etc.)

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