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Storyteller Spotlight: Lady Simstagram

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You probably already know that the Simming community is just brimming with creativity. From YouTube videos to incredible builds to mods and custom content, there is no shortage of talent among Simmers. Did you know that the talent doesn’t end there? The Simming community has a large and vibrant subcommunity of endlessly talented storytellers.

What the heck is a storyteller, you ask?

A storyteller is a Simmer who uses screenshots and their own imagination to tell a story in the written form. Think of it like an illustrated book. Storytellers typically host their Sims stories on blogging platforms like Tumblr and WordPress. They have a wide variety of writing styles, from quick dialogue captions to elaborate tales that read like a published novel, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Bookworms rejoice! Many storytellers also edit their screenshots to add a splash of individuality to the visuals.

Sims storytelling is one of the most time-consuming creative endeavours and it deserves some recognition, so I’m here today spotlighting one of the many talented storytellers in our community, Lady Simstagram!

Introducing Lady Simstagram

Storyteller Spotlight: Lady Simstagram

Lady Simstagram hosts her Sims stories on her Tumblr blog and adds a touch of warmth to her screenshots with some subtle edits. Her edits combined with her creative camera angles and beautifully decorated sets really make her shots stand out in a crowd. The footers she adds to the bottom of all her posts are both functional and aesthetically pleasing; they help you identify which story that post belongs to and they make her posts look sleek and professional. In addition to the footers, Lady Simstagram keeps her tags organized and accurate so it’s easy to use the navigation panel to go right to the story you want to read.

Lady Simstagram’s stories are a great read for the Simmer looking for something quick and easy to enjoy because she tells her stories in the form of brief captions and snippets of dialogue. Her concise style allows you to glimpse the lives of her Sims in a series of snapshots which go well with the illustrations. The stories are easy to get through in a hurry but the brevity of the writing packs an emotional punch. Lady Simstagram is a master of saying more with less; a valued trait in any writer!

Storyteller Spotlight: Lady Simstagram

Q & A With Lady Simstagram

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lady Simstagram about her work. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What do you draw your inspiration from for your stories?

A: I’m inspired by what I read. For example, the most recent series I’ve read is The Mortal Instruments (for about the millionth time). I based my character Grant on Magnus Bane. I also gain inspiration from my own life and from those around me. As a writer, I like to observe and gather ideas from those I interact with. The story line where Grace loses her children was drawn from a close friend of mine’s own life. Clary’s story is one close to my own heart, as a larger girl myself who suffered at the hands of bullies. I wanted to create a character who my audience could see struggle but learn and get better.

Q: How long have you been writing Sims stories?

A: I’ve been creating stories since The Sims 4 came out, though I did stop for a while and then picked it back up again recently. I had to put it aside for my own personal life. I’m putting a lot more effort and time into the blog. I’m trying to edit the photos and create a more compelling and grabbing story that an audience can enjoy.

Q: Is there any advice you would give Simmers who are new to storytelling?

A: Look at what’s around you. Draw from your own or experiences you’ve seen. Try and think where you can take the story and make sure it’s not going to die on the tracks. Think of it like a ride, you want people to enjoy the experience and then when you’re done still come back to ride again! It’s also important to not get discouraged; you might not be getting loads of viewers but things take time. The story should be enjoyable to create and not forced. Experiment what you can do in game with different interactions to create emotions.

Follow Lady Simstagram

To read Lady Simstagram’s stories and follow her blog, pay her a visit on Tumblr.

Lady Simstagram’s blog is rated TM. Her stories range from Teen to Mature.

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