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Storyteller Spotlight: MAKPlays

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You probably already know that the Simming community is just brimming with creativity. From YouTube videos to incredible builds to mods and custom content, there is no shortage of talent among Simmers. Did you know that the talent doesn’t end there? The Simming community has a large and vibrant subcommunity of endlessly talented storytellers.

What the heck is a storyteller, you ask?

A storyteller is a Simmer who uses screenshots and their own imagination to tell a story in the written form. Think of it like an illustrated book. Storytellers typically host their Sims stories on blogging platforms like Tumblr and WordPress. They have a wide variety of writing styles, from quick dialogue captions to elaborate tales that read like a published novel, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Bookworms rejoice! Many storytellers also edit their screenshots to add a splash of individuality to the visuals.

Sims storytelling is one of the most time-consuming creative endeavours and it deserves some recognition, so I’m here today spotlighting one of the many talented storytellers in our community, MAKPlays!

Introducing MAKPlays

Storyteller Spotlight: MAKPlays

MAKPlays hosts their stories on their WordPress blog, which is a great fit for their writing style. MAKPlays’ stories are written like an illustrated novel with depth and detail. Their screenshots aren’t over-edited and feel like a natural glimpse into the lives of their Sims while they’re playing. I’m a personal fan of the diversity in the Sims MAKPlays tells their stories with. There are Sims of different backgrounds and sexualities, which make their stories feel more true to life.

Because MAKPlays bases their stories on what happens in their game, you just never know what might happen next. Every chapter is a potential surprise! Every Simmer knows that just about anything can happen when you allow your Sims to follow their own free wills and MAKPlays is a pro at using this kind of unpredictability to add excitement to their stories.

Storyteller Spotlight: MAKPlays

Q & A With MAKPlays

I had the pleasure of interviewing MAKPlays about their work. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: What do you draw your inspiration from for your stories?

A: What happens in the game as I’m playing is the main basis. Other than that, events from real life and other books and movies have sometimes inspired me.

Q: How long have you been writing Sims stories?

A: I started in March of 2015, so about two and a half years.

Q: Is there any advice you would give Simmers who are new to storytelling?

A: Tell stories for yourself first– when you’re not enjoying yourself, it really shows in your writing. Eventually, readers will come.

Follow MAKPlays

To read MAKPlays’ stories and follow their blog, pay them a visit on their Website.

MAKPlays’ blog is rated TM. Their stories range from Teen to Mature. This blog also makes use of trigger warnings.

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