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There’s a weird reason why The Sims 4’s latest update is so big

The first thing you probably noticed when updating your Sims 4 game to the latest version is the file size (2.6GB). It’s been confirmed as the biggest update for The Sims 4 so far. However, the game only brought stability improvements and a few new features to the game. What’s so interesting is the fact that the update which brought the biggest amount of content (Toddler Update) back in January 2017 was much smaller than this one – which is why I wanted to investigate why this update is so big.

After going through the game files I was surprised – The Sims 4 PC data files were FULL of files for The Sims 4 Console.

Some UI features like modifying the user interface width and height (features exclusive to the console version) are also present in the PC files:

There are also new lessons added which have been made for the console version exclusively.

Text strings from The Sims 4 Console and the main menu itself have also transferred over to the PC version.

We don’t know yet if this means that The Sims Team is working on making the Console and PC version a more streamlined experience or if they want to move some features from Console to PC and vice versa. However, they wouldn’t add a ton of these files for nothing!

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