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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Pet Training Skill Guide

The Obstacle Course

There are no official pet shows or competitions in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, but the dog park in Brindleton Bay has an obstacle course. Obstacle course pieces can also be purchased and placed on other lots in Build/Buy.

The obstacle course comes in several pieces, but the individual pieces can be connected to each other with strategic placement in Build/Buy to create a customised, seamless course. Sims can command their pets to use one specific piece of the course or they can ask their pets to run the entire course. Commanding a pet to run the obstacle course builds the Pet Training skill. A pet’s performance on the obstacle course is dependent on their owner’s Pet Training skill level.

Pongo has already learned every trick he can, but Skye isn’t a master of Pet Training quite yet. She has Pongo run the obstacle course in order to keep building her skill. The obstacle course is another great way to continue building the Pet Training skill if a dog has already learned all other commands.

When a Sim commands a pet to run the obstacle course, an event popup will appear in the top left corner of the screen. This popup keeps tracks of how many faults your Sim’s pet accumulates while doing the course. A pet gains a fault when they refuse or otherwise fail to complete a section of the course, so the fewer faults, the better. The aim is to finish the course with zero faults.

To successfully complete the obstacle course, pets will have to run through tunnels, jump through hoops (or “tyres” in proper dog agility terminology), navigate a set of weaving poles, and remain seated on a pause table for a set period of time. Pets with unskilled owners will have a much harder time completing the course than a pet with a skilled trainer. The tyres can be set on fire to add a bigger challenge, but pets with unskilled trainers will often refuse to jump through a flaming tyre.

When a pet completes the obstacle course, you’ll get a notification telling you how your pet did. If your Sim needs a higher Pet Training skill, their pet will not fare well and you’ll receive a notification telling you so. Since Skye is already a good trainer, Pongo achieved a perfect run with a time of 36 minutes. That deserves a big hug! Good doggo! When pets successfully complete the obstacle course, your Sim will receive a +2 Happy moodlet, called “Champion Pet!”

Pet Training: Level 5

After spending some time on the obstacle course and practising tricks, Skye masters the Pet Training skill. This skill only goes up to level five. It is not a full ten-level skill.

Mastering the Pet Training skill allows your Sim to have their dog Perform Tricks for passing Sims. They also teach dogs new tricks much faster from now on.

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