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EA has changed prices for The Sims 4 Packs in multiple countries

UPDATE: EA Help has confirmed that the following countries will have new prices for The Sims 4 Packs:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

They also provided a very brief explanation on why did this price update happen:

When foreign exchange rates, currency values, and regional markets change, we have to update our prices.

We were able to keep prices the same for years, but these changes are causing updates.

Electronic Arts has decided to update its Origin service with new, more expensive prices for The Sims 4’s Stuff Packs, Game Packs and Expansion Packs.

Right now we have information that multiple countries have suffered these price changes. Here are the updated pack prices in some of the countries mentioned:


  • Stuff Packs: R$ 19.90 > R$ 39.90
  • Game Packs: R$ 39.90 > R$79.90
  • Expansion Packs: R$ 79.90 > R$ 129.90


  • Stuff Packs: 39.90 PLN > 49.90 PLN
  • Game Packs: 59.90 PLN > 69.90 PLN
  • Expansion Packs: 119.90 PLN > 139.90 PLN


  • Stuff Packs: 9.99$ > 12.99$
  • Game Packs: 19.99$ > 25.99$
  • Expansion Packs: 39.99$ > 51.99$

United Kingdom

  • Stuff Packs:  7.99£ > 9.99£

Back in June 2017 EA has confirmed to us on why do these price changes occasionally happen – back when they updated the prices for Expansion and Game Packs in the UK:

Periodically, we update prices on our games due to currency fluctuations and regional market changes.  With the significant decline of the British Pound Sterling against other currencies including the U.S. Dollar and The Euro, as well as other market factors, we are increasing our UK wholesale pricing for EA console and PC titles this year, which will in turn increase our UK Recommended Retail prices.


Let’s take the Brazilian Dollar as an example: Game Packs used to cost around 12 USD in Brazil. Now, they cost 24 USD in Brazil.

Via Google


This price change has probably been applied to other EA games as well.

We yet have to see how much will this influence retail stores in these countries…

We’ll keep updating you on this story as it develops!

Thanks to DotSim, @WinterAutora and MelissaStarbees for additional info!

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  • Oh great, so now it’s even less worth spending money on it
    People actually start boycotting the new stuff pack, we’ll see how it goes

  • The fact that the currency changes it’s value doesn’t mean that people make more money per hour, specially in brazil, R$40 is way to much!

    • Exactly! I’m actually giving up have all sims packs. It’s so over my budget that what was almost become real now it is just a dream and I’m back to have to save to have just the ones I REALLY want. And ours, Brazil prices, it’s the most expensive, Poland and UK are paying 14 dollars! Canada is paying 10 bucks… it’s so unfair… It isn’t enough that nintendo doesn’t sell in here anymore and now this???

      129BRL for a EXPANSION PACK???? Sure, EA… watch me buy a PS4 game instead a TS4

      • You do realize EA has nothing to with the fact your country’s economy sucks right? They have to make their money back on production or there won’t be anymore sims… EA is greedy yes, but if the game is being priced at $10USD then you will pay $10USD… No one is paying more or less, it just seems that way because of exchange rates. I used to pay $9.99CAN now I have to pay $13.49CAN which is $10USD… Not EAs fault Brazil’s money is crap no offence .. if you wanna get mad at anyone get mad at your government for encouraging a lackluster economy.

    • USD is all powerful.. the game is created using American money, therefore you must pay for the product in the same currency. But instead of the whole world using USD, you pay the equivalent of the cost in your country’s currency.

  • I’m from the UK, I just checked how much $9.99 is in GBP, and it is still £7.25… not £9.99… £10 is way too much!

    • I agree. Since I’m from the U.K I wouldn’t buy anyone packs from Origin this year. Still not ok the way EA treat Brazil, UK, Canada and Poland.

      • They treat Brazil the worst… everyone does actually… and we are one of the biggest game markets… sure… the huehuebr are really annoying but even so…
        sorry my broken english… I’m so heart broken it is really hard top process a foreign grammar right now….

    • It’s not in $ it’s £9.99. Definitely too much for yet another stuff pack. There will probably be another price increase on the next Expansion too.

  • So, in Brazil, all packs, game packs and expansions will cost R$1450,00 (without the base game price).

    60% of Brazilian workers earn less than this per month.*


  • I won’t even say here where they can stick new stuff pack then, and every upcoming one I won’t buy single thing from now on and I see many my friends will do this same

  • Considering how many hours I will play with a pack (compared to how much it costs to go see a movie or a play, for example), I’ve never been one to complain at the prices, but ± 30% more, in Canada, still seems a bit much to me.

  • I will not be paying $51.99 for an expansion pack in Canada. Way to go you guys will be losing alot of people over this.

    • That’s what I was thinking!! It’s way too much! I’m definitely not going to be buying expansions or game packs and time soon, I’m starting to reconsider get stuff packs too.

    • You can always buy it at Best Buy Canada or on Amazon.ca for $39.99. That what stupid about all this. That what I did with seasons. I’m not paying $51.99 for a sims 4 expansion pack.

  • this isnt maxis, this is EA forcing them to do this. i guess since they’re losing money on their loot boxes, they have to get it from somewhere else.

  • The recent price changes of The Sims 4 games in Canada is serious abuse of our love for the franchise.

    12$ more plus taxes on an EP??! As a disabled person, it’s so hard already getting money just for the Expansion Packs normally, but now it will become impossible to justify with taxes. I’m sure it will be the same for a lot of poor people, students, struggling parents, etc.

    As much as Sims is one of the only I can do at home now because of my health, that’s the end of adding things on Sims for me I think… so disappointed by how EA treats its customers, we already don’t get enough content per packs compared to Sims 3 and now this :(

  • I’m relieved there are no changes in my country.
    But I am confused because last time I checked Spain and Italy use the same currency (euro) as my country (and several others in Europe). So prices vary within the euro zone. Makes me wonder if it’s really just exchange rates.
    I feel sorry for those people who have to pay more now.

    So unfair. Just like the last sale where we only got 30% discount on C&D while others got 50%. EA makes me feel as if not all simmers are equal to them.

  • What utter bullshit! Why would they do this? The price conversions area already way off and more expensive everywhere else compared to the US prices!!

  • They upped the prices of the ones in the US too, at least for sims 3. Went to go buy University and Seasons and they both went from 19.99 to 39.99… Literally doubled in price. For a game over 5 years old….

  • You are only encouraging people to rip the files from pirated sites and to never give you another cent! these price hikes are ridiculous, especially considering if the price of the dollars went down you sure as hell wouldn’t decrease the price! what a rip off!

    • Ps everyone, amazon is selling sims 4 expansions and stuff packs for much cheaper than these clowns. I’ll download the rest of the add ons from other sites for free since they clearly don’t want my money in fair trade.

      • Don’t advertise piracy. If you are a game thief, then their policy has no affect on you, you are justifying it to yourself is all. You were never going to buy them. Thief.

    • P.S. Who raises prices on old products? New expansions and stuff packs maybe understandable, even if it is for a game that is 3 years old. But for the DLCs that have been out for a while (and everyone already knows that most of them are just vapor) it makes no sense.

  • Same in India which is under cover for many years. 1 USD=63.85 INR with $9.99 goes as 637.86 INR but EA is charging us 999 INR revolving to $15.64 and other things go as follows to EP and GP as well. People eats their lunch here in a regular standard food stall under 80 INR and paying 999 INR for a stupid virtual cartoons is way way much for us.

  • At this rate, we may as well play with our own lives, never mind virtual ones! Honestly they’re making it more and more expensive and in the end, it’ll be more expensive to maintain the game than it is to buy groceries for the week/month!!

  • I wouldn’t mind to spend nearly £10 but only if EA would add more content to all of those pack like more objects and CAS.

  • This is about way more than just exchange rates. Quite frankly, EA should be ashamed of themselves. But, they won’t be because they are aware of the fact that they are taking advantage of customers in countries who already have economical difficulties as is… That said – no more buying of your merchandise from me, EA. I’ve been a loyal fan for almost two decades, but now I’ve had enough. Shame on you, EA, shame on you.

  • I live in Chile and prices changed too… an SP used to cost USD 6.99, and currently the price tag is USD 9.99…
    I’m so sick of this company, I love the game, but the cost is just ridiculous at this point

  • $51.99 for an expansion pack is astronomical, as well as $25.99 for game packs… this is getting a little bit out of hand, even for an avid Sims player.

  • This is seriously ridiculous. I only noticed this recently when I wanted to purchase laundry day and saw that the price was hiked up. I’m from South Africa and frankly unless the stuff packs have more to offer like the sims 3 stuff packs, I will not be paying an extra 30% for something you hardly notice in your game. The Sims 3 stuff packs were more worth it because they altered the game as well as being an add on where as sims 4 stuff packs are more noticeable in the very few objects provided. This is a really unnecessary price hike especially since the currency fluctuation is not a permanent thing that stays on in one state forever. There simply is no excuse for this.

    • I’m from South Africa as well, and I was saving some money to buy a few game packs, but now its a R100 more not even R20 more. R300 for a game pack is like petrol money for the week to get home and back or groceries for the week. Not every one can afford to buy these packs, I was happy about the sims 4 game packs since sims 3 only had expensive expansion packs which I could never buy but now we back to square one. It’s really sad.

  • I’m not paying $50 for an expansion pack that shouldn’t have been $40 to begin with. This sucks. Never thought I would say this but I’m done with Sims. Sims 3 was the best of all of them despite the glitching but Sims 4 promised way too much for a price way too high.

    • I can buy full new games almost for the same price that they make a single dlc. And these expansions are not like the old days where they actually contained lots of content. Unless I see a 80% or more sale then that’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Ok but like can we talk about Ecuador too? The expansion packs are 50 american bucks! Like, wtf, and we are not even on the list, great.

  • Seasons just came out and I wanted it then I checked the price and knew I wasn’t getting it because that is over my budget (im from Canada) so now I have to wait till its on sale

  • Went to get the Seasons pack and just found out about this, not paying 50 dollars for an expansion when a brand new full release is 60.

  • I have been a Sims supporter since the first one came out, but $52 dollars CDN for an expansion pack that essentially paints the ground white is really sad. I know EA only wants to make as much money as possible, but how do they plan on making more money by losing so many customers? I, myself am out, EA has finally lost me for good here. Nearly all of their games are complete failures anyways now-a-days.

    Here is a price breakdown in Canadian dollars:
    The Sims 4 (base game) $64.99 (For a game that is almost 4 years old now)
    Expansion Packs (5 in total so far) $51.99 each or $259.95 for all.
    Game Packs (6 in total so far) $25.99 each or $155.94 for all.
    Stuff Packs (14 in total so far) $12.99 each or $181.86 for all.

    If someone wanted to own the entire game in Canada it would cost them $662.74. This, for only one game. I realize that there are many other countries that have been treated very poorly by EA, I have just written this from my perspective.

  • Can you put sims4 on phone? Because it’s soooo cool and I have always wanted to try the sims4 but not there because it’s only on computer from all the videos and speed builds I’ve watched

  • How come it says 50% off on my Xbox for the island living expansion pack which ends up being $29.97 and then I click into it and it adjusts the price to $59.95?