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The Sims FreePlay: Kids Party Update (New Events + Reruns Schedule)

The Sims FreePlay Team has released an official schedule of new events and reruns that will be taking place in The Sims FreePlay throughout the end of April, May and the first 6 days of June. Check out their official announcement of the new events and their dates down below!

The Sims FreePlay Kids Party Update

Hip, hip, hooray! Get ready to have some serious fun, because the latest update has everything you need to throw the ultimate kids’ party.

Live the ultimate childhood extravaganza as you tap into your inner child during the Inner Child’s Play Seasonal Quest and unlock a fantastic kids treehouse, large enough for even you most grown-up Sims to enjoy!

Party bags, junk food, and a wheelhouse of games! Create the perfect pre-teen party in the Kids Party Live Event, revealing a bounty of dazzling decorations along the way. Complete the live event to unlock the grand prize: a dream Kids Party House Template with an enormous bouncy castle!

In-Game Event Dates:

  • Inner Child’s Play Seasonal Quest: 7-day event starting April 24
  • Kids Party Live Event: 9-day event available to start between May 1-4
  • Prom Hobby Event (Rerun): 6-day event starting May 15
  • Laundry Live Event (Rerun): 5-day event available to start between May 20-21
  • Time Capsule Seasonal Quest (Rerun): 6-day event starting May 28
  • Sleepwear Hobby Event (Rerun): 10-day event starting May 26
  • Hair Salon Live Event (Rerun): 10-day event available to start between June 4-6

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  • I need help with this quest. My sim left crystals house before preparing food (so I could send a sim who can cook). Now crystal is missing and I can’t find a way back to her house.

  • I started thé innerchild and have not 7 days but 17 hours,this is not thé first time ! What can i do ? I am at level 55 and have all my Sims ( 34) . Do i have to quit ? I’m from Belgium…

    • I had 9 hours left and just now it said that innerchild is finished, don’t like that,then thé children’s party started, i have 9 days for that….sad,i so wanted thé treehouse