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12 Features We Love in The Sims 4 Seasons

With every pack we see a wide range of new content added and The Sims 4 Seasons is no exception. Here are just twelve features that we love that come with the new expansion pack and trust us there is plenty more to explore and discover in this expansion too!

Flower Arranging

The Sims 4 Seasons comes with a brand new skill which is called Flower Arranging. Make and sell various arrangements ranging from simple displays to more extravagant as your Sims skill develops.

New Years Eve

Get your Sims celebrating as you celebrate seeing the new year in, in style. Put up your decorations, celebrate by raising a toast and holding a party, make a resolution and watch the countdown to midnight on TV!


As part of New Year’s Eve, celebrations make sure your Sim makes a resolution for the year ahead. Pick from any on the list which is available to them! Those that are not highlighted are not available due to conflicting traits.


Every holiday has traditions that your Sims can complete to help make that holiday a success and also earn points towards reward traits. One of the traditions in The Sims 4 Seasons revolves around Gnomes. Just whatever you do don’t annoy them as they could turn on you and cause your Sims many issues unless you are quick enough to kick them all!


See what events are coming up and plan your own holidays & events! The calendar is the handy place to keep track of what is happening in your Sims live and add in those holidays you’ve been wanting to see in game. Set the date, time and traditions and you are ready to go! Also, it’s handy to keep track of the weather with the cute Freezer Bunny placed on the page.

Hot and Cold Outfits In Create A Sim

Although the new Create A Sim categories came with the latest patch they allow you to fully style your Sims for the Seasons. Now your Sims can have the hottest styles for Summer and the coolest for Winter!

Weather Machine

Although the weather machine has been in previous Seasons expansion packs they have been locked away as Aspiration and Lifetime Rewards. The Sims 4 Seasons allows you to hop into Buy Mode. Drop down the contraption and then it’s time to play with the Seasons! You might just want to level up your handiness skill a little first so your Sims don’t have an electrifying experience with the machine.


Your Sims can now no longer suffer from the temperature inside their homes being too hot or too cold. The new Thermostat will help regulate the temperature perfectly.

After School Activities

Teen and Child Sims can join a new after-school activity and become a Llamacorn Scout. Complete tasks and collect badges to become the ultimate Master Llamacorn Scout.


Previously Sims have just been able to harvest honey from bees but in the Seasons expansion not only can you still harvest the honey but you can also bond with your bees. Yes, that’s right. Bond with them. You’ll be able to woo Sims with the bees or even send them to pester another Sim.

Become a Gnome or a Spring Bunny

Like with most of the recent The Sims 4 content there are many new full-body outfits for your Sims. The Sims 4 Seasons includes Not only Father Winter as an option but you can also dress up as a Garden Gnome and Spring Bunny! I’m sure both outfits will provide for some great screenshots for many Simmers.

A Trusty Friend

Last and certainly not least, our trusty friend Patchy the Scarecrow is back in this Seasons expansion pack. Make sure you strike a conversation with him as you never know he could have a few surprises in store for your Sims.

Let us know what you are looking forward to in The Sims 4 Seasons in the comment below, on Twitter or over on Sims Community Social.

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